Kenyan MPs In Sweden-“Do Not Give A Damn About Them”

Posted on November 16, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I have been following the outcry from our dear Kenyan blogs in Sweden regarding the visiting members of parliament from Kenya to Sweden of which the Kenyan embassy here did not inform Kenyans living here to meet them.Though I agree with them that its their right to meet them, and they should be informed by the embassy to meet them, and discuss issues about our country Kenya, I still believe that Kenyan disporans should not give a DAMN about any visiting MP from our goverment.Let them come and shop and waste our tax payers money and leave for the next destination.

Why? First of all, even if we are given the chance to meet them, we will discuss quite strong issues and maybe ask important questions that need to be addressed,but its like discussing issues with a goat coz as soon as they depart for Kenya, none of the issues you tackled will be implemented or even be discussed in parliament.

Secondly, I have met some of these MPs personally not even with the help of the Embassy and you know what, by the time they leave, you either have a parking ticket of 700 kronors to pay or 1000 kronors broke, because you believe you will make friends with them by treating them to a dinner or drink, so that when you go back home, they will do the same. That will never happen coz they will be too busy to meet you ,or even to remember you.Ever met stingy people? These are the most stingy people on earth, though very rich, you will never live to enjoy their penny when they visit the diaspora. You will be rushing to park your car at the wrong place inorder to pick up the Minister or rushing to pay the dinner bill for the rich minister but at the end of the day you will remain the poor one…..”LETS JUST LIVE OUR LIVES AND FORGET ABOUT THE VISITING MPs” ……BUTDOISAY..

Clay Onyango.

an article through experience.


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2 Responses to “Kenyan MPs In Sweden-“Do Not Give A Damn About Them””

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LOL. Say whaat? they dont even offer to pay the bill? damn! hihi

Very True.We supported the party from the time of the referendum (in 2005) and used all the money we had only for Raila to shock us by inviting non-starters who were nowhere when we were struggling.One MP from the Coast, who claimed to have donated Sh30 million, said some party financiers were “extremely bitter” with Prime Minister Raila Odinga, the party leader, for allegedly ignoring them. Lifted from Standard.

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