My Nephew Nick Attacked By Thieves At Gun Point..

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For those who knew Nick my nephew, he is doing alright in Kenya but he came under attack on Friday evening around 2100 hrs. Nick had just left a local pub in Buruburu and was at a nearby bus stop waiting for the bus to take him home after a short drink. As he was standing at the bus stop, he saw a toyota car driving by and a man jumped out of the car with a gun and forced him to get into the car. Inside the car there were 3 more gangsters all with guns and they ordered him to open his wallet. 

He did not have enough cash but he had a visa card that happened to be his cousins Moses, when the thieves saw it, they demanded they drive to the nearest Atm machine and get all the money that was in.

They asked his name, but could not believe that the name on the card was not his, as they drove around beating him and trying to withdraw some cash in vain…. they took his mobile and started calling some numbers on his phone asking if they knew Moses and fortunately the response was no…they called about 4 relatives who denied knowing Moses.

As they got frustrated, they called one of Nicks friend and asked him to come since Nick had some problems and he needed help, fortunately he was asleep and did not fall onto their trap.

What saved him was the card  belonged to Moses and not Nick and so they believed him and let him go around 0100 am.He suffered a blood clot in one of his eyes and some little jabs on the ribs but he is doing fine…

Butdoisay advice.

Are you in Nairobi, Kenya or travelling to Kenya?? Leave your bank cards home and carry some cash enough for you and some extra for giving thieves when they attack you.

Avoid walking in darkness by yourself….and if you do sing or pretend you are talking to someone on phone to scare the thieves away…

Always try to be indoors early, and if you are indoor and someone knocks the door, always ask who it is before you open the door.

If you follow this,you will-Enjoy your stay in Nairobbery…….butdoisay..

Clay Onyango.



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2 Responses to “My Nephew Nick Attacked By Thieves At Gun Point..”

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Somebody set him up. Mambo ya dunia. He’s gonna make it through. That must have left him shaken up. Jienjoy lakini, Mr. Nick.

Woi nicki.. pole boss.. walinukia kroner mfukoni… Nairobi thugs have a 6th sense they don’t just rob anyone. lazima walifill iyo visa card.. anyway.. tukopamoja.. as jeuri said.. wewe jiejoy tu..!! and again welcome to Nairobbery ‘the city in the sun’. but when the sun goes down.. be gone..

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