A Change We Need In Stockholm`s Scenario??

Posted on November 13, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Change has become a very important word recently, since it has been used by the US President elect Barack Obama. I guess change is all we all need to do inorder to change our way of living,our way of treating others, our way of raising our children and respecting others.

In Stockholm scenario, we can all agree that we as Kenyans are not united for different reasons, either because of our ethnic background or any other reason that might come into our minds.

What do we need to Change in order to become united as Kenyans in Stockholm? I have a butdoisay reader , Kito, that asked this question on one of the comments and Nyams responded very well as follows:

-KITO, you can change negative attitude by living positively. e.g: not always complaining and talking ill about others! finding solutions!

-I’am talking about stopping the rumours, not spreading them…

-I ‘am talking about people aiming for more. Dont just sit on your laurels and think that the world will save you. Go get it, if its education its all there in plenty… get it and enlighten yourselves so that you can change and help the world change!! If you are not the book type, get a job!

-I’am talking about giving assistance…

-I’am talking about the backward talk people get involved in…..

and to add…..

-lets unite in case of sorrow and pleasure, lets support one another ,incase one is organising a party or a fundraising, put ukabila behind.

-Lets not let ones failure,divorce,deportation or trouble be our pleasure….

-Lets try to communicate so that we do not have different parties on the same dates that will divide us, use our Stockholm blogs to inform others so that they can choose another date in order not to crush….

-Help out others if they are looking for jobs and if you happen to have one or know someone who has one…you dont neccessarily need to help your own, stretch your hands to others.

-Be proud to be Kenyans…

I guess if we follow all these, change will be born in Stockholm……butdoisay.

Clay Onyango.


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4 Responses to “A Change We Need In Stockholm`s Scenario??”

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CLAY!!!!…Just Yours is wonderful.Unless we come up now with an agenda HOW TO LIVE SHOW we can live as united Kenyans in diaspora..we can use this :Kenyans are very united and helpful when one of us is asking for some help whilst bereaved.All is not lost. Kenyans are a wonderful people!Come on!

I cannot agree less. That’s the way to go. We can change the environment to make it habitable. Kenyans in other diaspora are doing wonders where they are and back at home. Kenyans in Sweden are known otherwise. If you want scandals and rumours loggin into Stockholm airwaves. There is so much we can benefit from in this beautiful land. As you said masomo ya bure!. Its there for the taking. investments, jobbos even voluntary for those that are idle with swedish NGO’s. Lets share positively and look out for each other. We live once and die once. What will be remembered for.Lets leave a legacy behind that our children can hold onto. Immigration does not need to investigate on Kenyans here. Its all in the blogs! And what do people gain by selling out others? Do not deny that ugali to someone at home who depends on the black job. That school fees for siblings at home. God help us for this needs divine intervention.

Lets call for a day of atonment(repentance).

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