Obamas Grandmother In Kogelo On Phone With Obama…

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Granny’s advice to Obama: We have to remember this; Don’t tell the Americans!

Obama tells Grandma- we made it Granny, but we have to fight on because they are digging to know my identity. Be careful not to say anything to those international journalists camping outside your house in Kogelo. All they want is to know where I was born and spoil my chances from taking over the White House.

Granny: May be you can name it the Black House when you have been sworn in my grandson.


Obama: Where was I really born Granny?, Is it true I was born in (whispering>Kenya) but birth certificate issued in Hawaii to make me a US citizen? .. I must know this .. there is this US lawyer named Berg, you know,…. he wants to know, the adoption you know is another headache…. and December the 1st, you know the courts want to know. I remember I got an Indonesian birth certificate also, I am confused now.

Granny: I cannot talk about that, people may hear the truth. i will tell you everything after the inauguration day. Have you talked to Pelosi so that they do not impeach you if it gets out of hand?

Obama: Pelosi? aahhh May be I should. Why can’t you tell me exactly where in Kenya I was b… opps ( sorry Granny, may be the place is wired). And this adoption…. why did that man have to adopt me as if it was not enough that he took mum away from me forcing her to abandon me in Hawaii? You see now problems that adoptive kids get when they grow up? They have to lie to become the US president, tough thing to do Granny.

obamagrannyWe must not tell them anything about Obama – Granny in smiles able to keep a secret!

Granny: I cannot tell you everthing now. I cannot tell you if you were born in Kenya or if you became Indonesian citizen on adoption. For now, until you move into the White House, we have to say you were born in the US. If they hear anything else apart from that you will not take over the presidency on the 2oth of January

Obama: Oh my God, Granny, is it that serious? Are you saying I am not a US.-born citizen?

Granny: I hope you have not told anyone yet, that you are born (hmmmmm in K) have You?

Obama: No, I have not — oh My God, Granny…. I told Michelle about the adoption.

Granny: That is now your own fault! Why did you talk, she might open her mouth.

Obama: She has already talked to Korir of African Press.

Granny: Then make sure you do not say anything now until inauguration day. Do not show anybody any photograph that connects you to Kenya.

Obama: I am in problems now even though I am president-elect: Michelle gave Korir one of the photos connecting me to Kenya.

Granny; I will try to call Korir, but … No I will talk to Raila.

Obama: If you call Korir Granny be careful. He tapes people. Right now we cannot sleep. He taped Michelle telling him about where I am born, adoption and even Iran and oh God– the other thing I said about people who are loyal to the American flag…. We do not sleep these days, he might air the tape, you know.

Granny: I will ask Raila to do somethng, may be to call Korir and ask him to destroy the Michelle tape.

Obama: But Granny, What was my dad’s citizenship when I was born?

Granny: Do not talk much now. You have to know Kenya does not allow dual citizenship and when your father came back Kenya, he got a job in the government because he still had his Kenyan citizenship, he did change to become a US citizen and you know children will always follow their father’s c…. (oh Jesus….. what am I saying now Hussein) .. hmmm Iam getting old. I have to rest now. You go, bye.



Title by Butdoisay.


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