Kenya Barack Obama Becomes The First Black American President…

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Congrats Kenyas Barack Obama for becoming the first African American president in America,we as Kenyans are so proud of you, people…..have you ever run a race with a Kenyan and won????!! NO!!………. YES WE CAN!!!!

Clay Onyango

In London.


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11 Responses to “Kenya Barack Obama Becomes The First Black American President…”

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In London eh’ but doyou say.. Anyway, I think that Obamas win and his motto of YES WE CAN should now be personalized to YES I CAN. I believe that this is the winning motto of every one of us and we should embrace it, to improve not only our personal goals but those of the family, the community and the nation at large. I do not think that the average Kenyans Ugali portion will immediately change due to his win, however, i believe that the trade policies he will slowly but surely place between the US and African nations will in the future affect the size of the Ugali portion. Obamas win is a global win!! You have all seen how the world has celebrated! Now it is your turn to win, whether in your personal or professonal lives. Personally, i know that: YES I CAN!!!! ……………..andisay! enjoy your London visit

Yap Nyams i agree with you,YES I CAN should be the motto in everyone,s life coz nothing is impossible if Obama made it then all of us can ama.

As much as I agree with Nyams….”Yes we can” can mean alot in Stockholm scene,if only “we can change” the way we attack others and the way we gossip.Check this comment and observe that I have used two important Obama words…..”CHANGE AND YES WE CAN”…CMON STOCKHOLM LETS MAKE USE OF THESE OBAMA WORDS….butdoisay…

You see…one cannot come to the YES WE CAN, before they do it themselves. The motto has to be embraced by the individual before the whole community comes out and says yes we can, the individual empoweing themselves with the motto and living their life under its influence will ultimately change how we value our friends and foes a like.

Perhaps once i say YES I CAN, i will no longer envy you clay and backbite you when an opportunity arises. I WILL RISE ABOVE THAT EVIL NEED! Then once i Get to a crowd that has decided to talk ill about you, I will say “No stop talking like that” and together we can ride over the sunset saying YES WE CAN……..

Basically, am saying that we can only practice what we preach…YES I CAN..then …YES WE CAN.. and i could not agree with you more on this one, Kenyans in Stockholm would really benefit from embracing this lifestyle!!!!

I am so inspired and really loving this phrase, thanks to president elect Barack Obama! YES I CAN! YES I CAN! YES WE CAN!! Change is HERE!!

Black Obama!!!



Good point once again Nyams it,s true Kenyans in Stockholm really need to say yes i can kabla tuseme YES WE CAN.mYAMS ONCE AGAIN UMENENA.

When Obamas father was dismissed from the government after he persisted and wanted to know more about Mboyas death…BUT Kibaki on becoming the Vice President and Minister of Finance…he re-enganged his old friend back into the Finance Ministry…of course Kibaki was not his relative but a friend.

the then Minister of Education was the chief Mutige High School..Mine was the security boss in charge as ocs Kianyaga…Suddenly sad news came through radio..Tom Mboya was no more..he has been “assassinated”.The mood was terrible…and so now sad and unfortunate history.The killers and their organisers are they still to live for ever?God the Almighty forgives.

KITO, you can change negative attitude by living positively. e.g: not always complaining and talking ill about others! finding solutions!

I’ am talking about small selfless acts….

I’am talking about stopping the rumours, not spreading them…

I ‘am talking about people aiming for more. Dont just sit on your laurels and think that the world will save you. Go get it, if its education its all there in plenty… get it and enlighten yourselves so that you can change and help the world change!! If you are not the book type, get a job!

I’am talking about giving assistance to those that need it and NOT publishing it ati i helped so and so and now they are ungratefull..

I’am talking about the backward talk people get involved in..and if you are in stockholm, I do not need to spell it out for you. Bottom line Kito….., self change can really make a difference:therefore before telling the masses how they need to change, the individual must make these changes PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH.

I can go on and on…. Clay..take over for me.

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