Give A Woman Her Bedroom Rights, Otherwise Ehe….

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By Mwangi Muiruri/Nyams

There was midnight drama last week in a Githurai 44 residential building when a woman confronted her husband while naked for neglecting his conjugal duties.The woman reportedly went to the bathroom, took a shower and spruced herself with cosmetics and instead of dressing up, she moved to the sitting room where the husband was watching TV.She planted herself in front of TV’s screen and cut him off from the programme he was watching.Earlier, the woman had accused the man of pretending to be a fan of late night soap operas while in reality he was avoiding her bed.NAKED SPECTACLEIn protest, she decided to parade herself naked in front of her husband on the eve of Kenyatta Day.The man reportedly slapped her and attempted to drag her away from the TV set, which made the woman scream and wake up fellow tenants.The furore drew other tenants out of their rooms to witness the midnight spectacle as the two washed their dirty linen in public.Administration Police officers from a nearby chief’s camp arrived but left when they realised it was a domestic matter.CHOICE“You have to make a choice between me and your TV. If the TV gives you marital satisfaction that I cannot match, just take it to the bedroom and I will take over its place here on the sideboard,” the woman was heard shouting.As a crowd built up outside their door, the woman threw the door wide open and sobbingly declared: “Come and see the only man in the world who does not know the value of a woman! He thinks it is through watching TV that a wife gives birth! He thinks I’m his sister or mother who has moved into his house.”Still naked, she faced the crowd and poured her heart out, accusing the husband of neglecting her in the bed as a result of which two years down the line they were yet to get a first born.“People are saying I’m barren. I know I’m not! It is only that this man won’t play his role. Does he want me to be like those women who hop into other men’s beds since their husbands have turned into zombies?”TAUNTS AND JIBESThe man appeared briefly at the door and attempted to drag his wife back into the house but the crowd booed and jeered at him.“If you only knew how much I have been admiring your wife, you would get very serious with your conjugal responsibilities,” a man at the back of the crowd taunted him.The jibe prompted the man to shove the wife aside and step forward, spoiling for a fight.“Would you please repeat that statement while coming forward instead of cowering behind women and children? And the rest of you, what makes you think my house is a CDF or relief food office for you to congregate here?” he shouted.Intimidated, the tenants started retreating into their houses but most of the doors remained ajar so that they did not to miss out on the confrontation.The couple argued into the wee hours and the husband was heard accusing the wife of getting advice from wayward women in the area.The woman shouted back that he was dodging responsibility by vilifying other women.“If it is those women you want, go get them. As for me, it is either you give me a reason to stick with you or I get out and seek what you are failing to offer me,” she shouted.drove offAt 3pm the man left the building, got into his car and drove off. A matatu tout along route 44 says he spotted him in the morning in a nightclub in Kahawa West taking beer and playing pool.Fellow tenants tell Crazy Monday that since that day, the earliest he shows up in his house is 1am and by 5am he is up to leave for his workplace.

Butdoisay comment: If Only he knew how men are starving in Diaspora….he would send her here….butdoisay….thanks Nyams.


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kweli kabisa..this mchamaa is joking..he is a very lucky man..only he does not know…alipata “a wife and a-half”…

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