Why Kenya Matatu Drivers Go To Heaven…

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A Priest dies and waits in line at the Gates of Heaven.

Just ahead of him is a guy in casual Jeans and T-Shirt.

The Angel addresses this guy,

‘Who are you, so that I may know whether or not to admit you to Heaven?’
The guy replies, ‘I’m Mukuria wa Mwaniki, a Matatu (Mini Bus) driver from Nairobi.’

The Angel consults his list, smiles and says to Mukuria,

‘Enter into the Paradise.’

So the Kenyan Matatu driver enters Heaven and the Priest is now next in line.

Without being asked, he proclaims,

‘I am Father Alphonse Kamande of St. John Cathedral of Nairobi for the last 43 years.’

The Angel once again consults his list and says,

‘I am sorry, you are on waiting list.

You have to pass some tests before you get entry to the Kingdom of Heaven.’

The Priest says, ‘Just a minute. That man was a Matatu driver, and you issued him an instant entry. But I have to go through more tests. How can this be?’

The Angel replies,

‘Father, I am sorry but up here, we go by results. While you preached, people slept. While he drove, people prayed.’


by bushbuck


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