As Some Blog Readers Are Attacking The Helpless Hellen,Some Are Defending Her…

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Swedish nationalism is more dangrous than religious Iran

On Aftonbladet i read today about a woman Helen Awuor from Kenya who is forced to leave Sweden to seek permenant visa. It is a normal Swedish story it happens everyday. But this time it is very different. The woman is an illegal refugee she fell inlove with a Swedish citizen. She got pregnant from him and she delivered a child. Her baby, Rennah Chantelle, is only 3 months old and she is forced to leave him here in Sweden? she doesnot have any place to live in Kenya and it is not a proper place to raise a child says Helen Awuor.

The Swedish imigration board and the goverment refuse to give clear statement about this human case! this is a scam! talk about children rights. It is abvious they do not care about children rights here in Sweden. Pedofiles live freely with min punishments but a woman like Helen is a threat to the Swedish society?

Dear Helen Awuor. You should consider moving to the United States not Sweden! you, your baby and your man will never face racism or discrimination in the United States. After all the new president of America will be the first black man and from Kenya! The United States is accepting many people and you will not face any problem because of your color! It is a land which was created by the imigrants and for the imigrants.
Any mother who delivers her baby in the United States gets the American nationality instantly and even the father as well.

The United States, you can really reach your dreams there. Americans are mixed people. Thousands of Swedish doctors, scientists have already moved there. Too litte taxes. You can open a small company and grow. You can become a president or minister there as well.

The United States have been attacked by terrorists sept 11 but they are very open to imigrants. They do not hate imigrants on the contrary. My brother, my two sisters are there and my mother and father might move there as well. All my family are doctors/pharmacists but i know many people who are not with a very high education who have opened their companies and settled there.

The language is not a problem in the United States there are people who only speak spanish there and they are accepted in the society. It is not like Sweden where pride, culture and language is very important to intergrate here. Even if you learn perfect Swedish there will be always someone asking you “where are you from”?

Do not be fooled by the economic crisis. The American system works a free liberal country can never fall. Only high taxed countries will pay the price we can see that with the weak krona and the high dollar these days.

Still the Swedish goverment ignores imigrant and refugee women and their children. Sweds move to Thailand they request Swedish schools and Swedish celebrations! hypos!
By Deadcandacee

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