Women In Ukambani Kenya Selling their Bodies For Food To Support Families…

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What are the Ukambani MPs doing to solve this problem?? Shame on them…and yet they want a higher salary…

Clay Onyango.


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10 Responses to “Women In Ukambani Kenya Selling their Bodies For Food To Support Families…”

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I am disheartened by this…lets put it this way: no amount of money from donors and hge conferences about reduction of the aids scourge makes sense with grassroots events as above…..

I think{this is my two cents} should be not have clips of this horrific u-tube thing sent to individual Member of parkliant and reuest that he does somthing about it…?????

I am sickened by that

Where’s their damn MP and local government authorities? Where is ODM-K, ODM and PNU? Our elected leaders, government and oposition are just so full of shit! They should all be exterminated.

The ukambani MPs are the ones in the forefront of the battle for presidency 2012 unfortunately, they are busy waving their WIVER, WIVER, shame on you fools…

mismanagement,missappropriation of funds,corruption,selfish interests,tribalism,nepotism,aristocracy,arrogance and much more are the cause of the socio-economic problems in kenya…99% blame lies on the kenyan government…1% lies on us,the common wananchi..we have the power of the vote and yet we make the same mistake after every 4/5 years…we vote in thieves,kungurus,mavi ya kukus and call them whatever else to play *russian roulette* with our lives..we must say no to poor governance..when we stand up,together as a people,then that will be the day…kenya is not supposed to be a 3rd world country..neither a 2nd world country…not even a developing country…we have all the resources and credentials of making *singapore* number 10 behind us…if we continue pointing out fingers and toothless criticizing,then even our children and their children will be forced into doing the same…the blame is on the whole system..its sad..its pathetic…its a shame…..

Who will give out some little money to support at least a family…I have a donation but how shall it reach at least the two families?At least at least..very sorry true story

Jambo Peter,its really sad to see this, I would like to help too,but how will the money reach them, can anyone out there come with a suggestion? Surely cant we at least help some families??

Hi, i think its possible if you try thru any of the established churches. I guess thats the best and easiest way to reach them.Its good to be our brothers keeper.God bless you all and your noble kind hearts.

I am in Canada now after working in Ukambani for several years. The Wakamba people are just great people and my heart bleeds to read about the problem whereas good and great people sacrifice their dignity and morals under such pressure in order to survive and provide for themselves. God bless Ukambani and the wonderful Wakamba people……you are loved and highly respected. djoldford@eastlink.ca

OH MY GOD! what is the government doing about this issue in Ukambani?

Clay ,its ommoral for the Govt.to claim that they know nothing of the plight of these sufferring Kenyans.Clay ,l will not understand Kenyans in Europe who stand by and do not react.Its time we bult an organisation to save the innocent souls from being given life sentences in the name of food.The system is broken.Its for those who see the the truth to wake up ,l am not even worried ,l know that Kenya has the capacity to recover.
Ean Wuod Luo

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