Kanyunja Vs First Lady-“The Bloggers In Sweden Giving Kenya A Bad Name..”

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Kenyans, Kenyans, Kenyans:

 Fellow Kenyans!!!!You people just wont change, actually grow up is a better choice of word.What positive thing is gonna come out of this name calling and insulting of each other on the blog??You’ve been fighting each other at the local level and now you’ve gone hightec on the net.

There is something called “yttrande frihet” That gives us all the freedom to express ourselves, but even here there are limits. Example you are free to express yourself the way you feel like but when you go calling a black person a nigger then it all turns to “hetts mot folk grupp” meaning you cant just express yourself any howly

. Describing someone the way kanyunja has done here is simply very low. Everybody and anyone foreigner especially of our Kenyan orgin has a story to tell, how they got to this place and all they had to undergo so please next time tell your story, let everybody tell their story. What is your story by the way? All that is just icing on the top, what is offending is how you grown people just insist on behaving like kids!! If adults are doing this what do we expect from the children we raise?? Please charity beings at home.

And children are very good copy cats of what we grown people do. I suppose this does not end at the site but the discussion hand along to our dinner tables too ama?Word of advice: If you are provoked by these blogger confront them man to man instead of being so petty behind a machine.It’s a high time kenyans we start learning how to live with each other in harmony and peace. Put the envious attitude a side otherwise we doomed we shall never a complish anything in this foreign land. we should support each other instead of strangling each other.Kanjunga nad all his supporters: you are the typ that give kenyans in stockholm a bad name. I see no difference btwn you and the bloggers, actually im wrong there is a difference you are worse!! Be better citizens!!We all love Kenya.

By The First Lady.

Butdoisay comment: Who is right and who is wrong?? Kanyunja vs First Lady.. Lets Have a quorum….




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11 Responses to “Kanyunja Vs First Lady-“The Bloggers In Sweden Giving Kenya A Bad Name..””

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Let me clarify myself quite clearly. The issue as I see it revolves around respecting others and the right to them having their own opinions and following their convictions no matter how wrong they would appear to us. The purpose of writing my comments was directed to proving that we ALL have skeletons in the closet. The idea that someone can attack others on a personal level just because they differ, be it political or otherwise, should be eradicated. Why not present your case without resulting to name calling? Name calling is abuse not matter how one tries to justify it. Harassment, public humiliation and ridicule all in the name of scoring political points are just as vile. We all know that the veteran Kenyan bloggers before butdoisay came along are guilty of this mode of operation. Not everyone has the time to run a blog or can articulate themselves adequately publicly. Moreover the injured parties were never allocated the opportunity to reply or defend themselves since the comments sections of these blogs were “inactivated”, and no pother blogs existed. Whether this was deliberately done can only be ascertained by the bloggers themselves. They know the truth as much as they know the difference between right and wrong. Therefore I find it rather amusing that one of these bloggers comments that there is a blog that has allowed its readers to abuse others with impunity. I wonder whether calling Kenyans friendly to the Embassy “walambaji” is a compliment in certain quarters. Why not call them fans of the embassy instead? That is because the “walambaji” label is meant to ridicule and humiliate. So now the blogger calling others “walambaji” is suddenly concerned about abuse. They are numerous examples to his own abuse, ridicule and harassment of peace loving Kenyans other spanning over the time since the blog’s inception. The other blogger making a fracas appears to echo his friend but with an ethnic twist favorable to his own ethnic background, effectively revealing him as a closet tribalist. According to what one can grasp from his inept writing skills lacking in originality, he perhaps deservers to be excused since his ramblings are certainly tantrums akin those thrown by adolescents.
The bottom line here is simple. Respect is freely given and freely received. Let’s keep it that way.

Kanu-Ja for president!!!
boss where have u been all this time.. obviously first lady has some serious issues or maybe she just walked into town..or most possibly like i said earlier she’s behind one of the idiots..
So here’s the deal.. don’t see why there was need for a quorum…quite obvious u side with the punks u loose..!


Well said kanyunja, i second you for president….

At: Kammzile, jeuri and odede.

Im left wondering what kind of norms you people have???
I can see in this case you are being the cheering squard. Whichever way, you just cant condole this kind of behaviour amongst grown mature indiViduals.

I understand Kanyunja is trying to get even with the bloggers which apparently has intimidating personality as far as he is concerned but i also see clearly that the way he chose to do it is all in all very wrong.

C’mon!!! You cannot reduce a fellow being to state ZERO the way this he did, a mean reducing someone to the contents of his closet and cleanliness???? To be this personal you got to know someone very well which i doubt you do. If you are disturbed by the fact that someone is dirty why not marry him and care for him hence change his life quality or maybe offer them free plastic surgery for the bith mouths to be smaller!!!!

Oh boy!! I just realised that im being more like you so i will do me a favour and stop right here.

Lovely weekend to all you lovely peoples out there.

I would marry him but unfortunately i don’t swing that way, Plizz give us a break, those guyz have been criticising the defenseless for years and now when it’s time to pay the piper you want us to go against the piper????? Nigga plizz i’d rather spend my time wisely watching paint dry or watching grass grow….

Odede you need some serious growing up to do. and plizz don’t go around niggaring people you don’t know. you may end up having some serious probs. You do realise calling some with the N-word is very not appropriate.

I don’t know you and i must probably dont want to go along the nigga line with you ok.

What’s the difference between a Nigger and a Nigga, find out then get back to me, b4 that i suggest you shut the f up, hiding behind your comp and telling people to grow up don’t make you tough, stand up and speak your mind freely, otherwise continue being the first lady of TWAT and i do say….

I dont give a ratass what spelling you use a nigger is a nigga, your meaning was very clear ok homeboy!! try not to insult my intelligence. For the record i have all the right to keep my identity to myself as long as im not offending anyone, so if you knew who i was, what would that help you with?? Did you know you have the right to be alias too? Chill out

Thank you and God bless you, next topic Clay…… If a man says something deep in the forest where theres no woman listening, should it still be considered a stupid thing? Just wondering….

Oh by the way i forgot to mention i’m a NIGGA too,so should i sue myself, i wonder what the cops would make of it? but then again they probably think i’m a NIGGER…. Nigger what???????? Nigger Who???????????

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