Has Hellen Awuor The Right To Stay In Sweden Since The Baby Is A Swedish Citizen?

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Helen Awuor, 24,and The Baby…..Hellen is to be deported without the baby?????

The New born is a swedish citizen since the law says that once a child is born in Sweden he/she becomes a swedish citizen automatically by birth. Helen who does not have a permit to live here has the right to stay with the daughter until a certain period of time breast feeding the infant. Does the law really say that a baby can be left alone without the mother in Sweden??? Can anybody out there intervene and clarify what the law says.

Brian a Kenyan cum Swedish,who has admitted to being the father of the baby is the only person that can assist Helen Awuor on this situation. Butdoisay wishes them all the best and we hope Helen will be allowed to take care of her beautiful baby in Sweden.Please assist in providing any good advice if you know what the law says.

The case reminds me of a friend of mine who went out with the wife, and at the entrance the guards told him he can enter the club without his wife, since she was not familiar with them….its only in sweden Good people, you have to be familiar to be allowed to enter a club to spend your own money…..butdoisay..

Clay Onyango.

picture lifted from Aftonbladet


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5 Responses to “Has Hellen Awuor The Right To Stay In Sweden Since The Baby Is A Swedish Citizen?”

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“The law says that once a child is born in Sweden he/she becomes a Swedish citizen automatically by birth.” The lady has to prove that the kid’s father is a swedish citizen, either by D.N.A or whatever else. Achunge the don’t get to her first, cos that will lead to them applying the applicable law at the moment.

Please get your facts right. This is Sweden, not U.S.A.

Den svenska medborgarskapslagen grundar sig på härstamningsprincipen. Det innebär att föräldrarnas medborgarskap avgör vilket medborgarskap deras barn får.

Barn till en svensk mor får alltid svenskt medborgarskap vid födelsen (detta gäller från och med den 1 juli 1979). Barn till en svensk far får också svenskt medborgarskap om barnet föds i Sverige. Är fadern gift med barnets utländska mor får barnet svenskt medborgarskap vid födelsen oavsett var barnet föds.

Ett barn som har en utländsk mor, vilken lever i ett registrerat partnerskapsförhållande eller är sambo med en svensk kvinna blir också svensk medborgare om en insemination har skett med den svenska kvinnans samtycke och barnet är fött i Sverige.

Ett barn som vid födelsen får moderns eller faderns svenska medborgarskap kan få dubbelt medborgarskap

* om barnet föds i ett land som tillämpar territorialprincipen


* om barnet får den utländska moderns eller faderns medborgarskap vid födelsen.


thanks msema ukweli, thanks for the information.I hope Hellen will get the message…

This is not related to this article but fellow Kenyans I had to post it. I’m in utter shock!

Mothers Prostitute their Daughters To Get Food

Where’s their damn MP and local government authorities? Where is ODM-K, ODM and PNU? Our elected leaders, government and oposition are just so full of shit! They should all be exterminated.

1.Why is’nt the Father(if he is the father) staying with his family?.
2.What’s wrong with going to Kenya, to apply for your permit, as the law says?
and why on earth would the swedish authourities force you to leave behind an infant at such a tender age.
3. why was’t the baby’s father aware of the artilce on afton bladet (based on the fathers comments on ksb)?
4. guys sthing’s really fishy here?
Helen, be careful about what you ask for, coz the immigrations ai’nt stupid.
that’s all folks!!!

No, her baby being a swedish citizen has a right to stay in Sweden, Helen however has a right to apply for a swedish recident permit- in Kenya, like every body else.
She appears to give an impression that her Kid can not survive in Kenya, opting for sympathy from people, yet she’s only lied here for less than 3 yrs.

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