The “Mlambaji” That Missed Kenyatta Day…

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Kenyatta day has passed without any celebration party in Stockholm this year, and as we have been told, the goverment did not have any funds to send to the Embassy for the occassion, and if the goverment had funds to send to the embassy for the occassion in Stockholm, the invited Kenyans would, maybe, boycott the occassion as they did during the last Madaraka day, then what is the fuss and whats the big deal?

The embassy prepares alot of food, spends cash on drinks, hires a catering company, sends out invitation cards to Kenyans in Stockholm and then they “boycott” as its said. Is it really worth celebrating any other occassion to misuse funds all in the name of pleasing Kenyans in Stockholm, and they boycott?

I have always said, with or without an invitation card from the Embassy during such a holiday, I would definitely attend. I came across an invitation this time during the Kenyatta day, and I read that it was only meant for “N.G.Os WOMEN” in Stockholm , would it have been an invitation for Kenyatta day….I would have definetly get crashed and get the nick name Mlambaji. This is our occassion and not the ambassadors occassion.

Kenyans in Stockholm, should try to rely on themselves in organising parties on such occassions as the Ugandans, Gambians and Tanzanians do instead of relying on the goverment funds through the embassy.

But unfortunately again, they will boycott their own parties since it has been organised by so and so or a different ethnic group.Lets solve problems within ourselves first before we take it to the embassy. How many parties have we had in Stockholm this year, organised by ourselves?? Two to Three, why ? I think you know better…….

Do you consider yourself one of the Mlambajis? Why were you not invited this time? I consider myself one for the love of my country, and I was not invited….but am cool with it.” THE GOVERMENT DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS..PERIOD”….there´s a financial crisis worldwide…..butdoisay..

Clay Onyango.


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17 Responses to “The “Mlambaji” That Missed Kenyatta Day…”

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How do I know if am a mlambaji? How do they look like? If I am one or have been one, what do I do in order to go up the scale far away from the mlambaji position? Please help out. Happy Heroes day!!

My friday evening was well spent at the Ambassadour’s residence, had dinner with great human beings. It was an honour to have had the opportunity.

Well said Clay.Hongera i,m also proud to be Kenyan and if there were no funds sawa watu watulize waache mdomo mob ama.

why do you bother. You are just feeding the bloggers egos.

I hope this worldwide crisis does’nt affect my winning the ongoing writers competition, coz as it is i’m currently so broke i can’t pay attention…

Ala.. kwani it’s an issue… leo i was off from joboo… celebrated my kenyatta day as i should have.. Cheers.. mutogoria njamba.. didn’t get to met him but from what i hear he was a hero.. All this other crap about whether or not u’re invited by they embassy,, we’ll when’s the last time u paid kenyan taxes.. at least have some credible claim.. wacha kupenda vitu za bure…!

These bloggers calling people names are just shameless and opportunists. They should first take the log out of their eyes then see to the splinter in their neighbor’s eye. They have really shady backgrounds and are of dubious character. In sheng these are the so called “mafala”.

The short and dirty looking blogger with the biggest mouth used Ouko’s murder to settle in Sweden. He fabricated lies about his involvement in the events surrounding Ouko’s assassination and sold them to the Swedish authorities and wakenya. He went about claiming that Moi was after him because of the information he had and assured wakenya that he would publish the facts when it was safe. Moi left a long time ago, what happened to the revelations? I guess since “ma-pepe” landed on his lap, he flushed the Ouko story down the toilet like the shit it was. The only positive attribute about the guy is that he is genuinely patriotic; however that patriotism is firstly towards his tribe, then secondly Kenya. A shame really for a Kenyan of his generation.

The other blogger is a closet tribalist, also short and with a big mouth (talk about resemblances!!), was a preacher cum conman in Kenya. He allegedly misappropriated church funds and fled the country, to find sanctuary in Sweden. A real wolf in sheep clothing. It is an open secret in the Kenyan community in Stockholm that he is brutal towards women that are unfortunate to find themselves romantically involved with him. He is a pathological liar and lies with a huge smile on his face looking at you straight in the eye.

Are these the people who claim to “represent” Kenyans in Stockholm? Mimi sitaki kabisa! They will never speak on my behalf. They should get real jobs and stop haranguing wakenya with their attempts at political stardom. If they are such “wapambaji wa siasa”, they should move back and take their struggle “huko huko” and not payuka “hapa hapa”. Or are they waiting for Her Excellency Mrs. Muhindi to sponsor them with airfare?

WEEEEEEE! Kanyunja hapo umewapiga 10-nil. Enyewe you have a point. These fake a$$ fools need to be told how it is.

Well said kanyunja! These arrogant and some how well articulated Bluff politicians/moral preachers, who claim to be leaders trying to preach good values need to be challenged using facts such as those you put forward! Lets see how they get out of this one! Congrats to Clay for creating a forum where we can react to claims from these hypocrates!

NUFF said Kanyunja…….ahem..I figured out “The short and dirty looking blogger with the biggest mouth used Ouko’s murder to settle in Sweden.” But who will tell me who the preacher cum conman is??

Kenyans, Kenyans, Kenyans: Fellow Kenyans!!!!
You people just wont change, actually grow up is a better choice of word.

What positive thing is gonna come out of this name calling and insulting of each other on the blog??
You’ve been fighting each other at the local level and now you’ve gone hightec on the net.

There is something called “yttrande frihet” That gives us all the freedom to express ourselves, but even here there are limits. Example you are free to express yourself the way you feel like but when you go calling a black person a nigger then it all turns to “hetts mot folk grupp” meaning you cant just express yourself any howly. Describing someone the way kanyunja has done here is simply very low. Everybody and anyone foreigner especially of our Kenyan orgin has a story to tell, how they got to this place and all they had to undergo so please next time tell your story, let everybody tell their story. What is your story by the way? All that is just icing on the top, what is offending is how you grown people just insist on behaving like kids!! If adults are doing this what do we expect from the children we raise?? Please charity beings at home. And children are very good copy cats of what we grown people do. I suppose this does not end at the site but the discussion hand along to our dinner tables too ama?

Word of advice: If you are provoked by these blogger confront them man to man instead of being so petty behind a machine.It’s a high time kenyans we start learning how to live with each other in harmony and peace. Put the envious attitude a side otherwise we doomed we shall never a complish anything in this foreign land. we should support each other instead of strangling each other.

Kanjunga nad all his supporters: you are the typ that give kenyans in stockholm a bad name. I see no difference btwn you and the bloggers, actually im wrong there is a difference you are worse!! Be better citizens!!We all love Kenya.

hahaha. Umekaweza! Ati sasa kuna comments section. How “democratic”. Butdoisay, You are STILL the man! Remember that.

First lady your bias is showing. You rigorously defend these bloggers that have made it their life mission to character assassinate anyone that doesn’t conform to their standards. My comments when to show that even the bloggers aren’t as clean as they purport to be. This is the reason why I asked them to first take the log out of their eyes then see to the splinter in their neighbor’s eye. They have made it a habit of attacking Kenyans behind the guise of “blogging” and wakenya, me included, are fed up. You may use all the phrases you want to describe me; childish etc. But enough is enough. By the way, you have come out very strongly in your comments even as to describe me as petty. What then is the difference what I wrote and what you articulate with your comments? Moreover honorable “First lady”, why have you used an alias instead of confronting me “man to man” using your real name? You also seem to choose to “be petty and hide behind a machine”. You are in dire need of your own advice methinks. Remember my advice earlier? Remove the log out of your eye before seeing to the splinter in your neighbor’s eye. And why shouldn’t I conform to the rules of civility when others don’t? These bloggers have earned the right to receiving a taste of their own medicine. Why shouldn’t they feel what wakenya feel when they lambast them in their blogs? How come your focus is solely on kanyunja? If you cannot understand and fathom this then you are just dumb and blind, which I doubt. The other most obvious conclusion is then that you are in cahoots with these unscrupulous bloggers. That’s a shame! First lady, it is actually you and your ruffian blogger friends that give Kenyans a bad name everywhere.

Bravo kanyunja! This first lady has been sent to “finish” us. Won’t work. At least there’s a positive development; KSB has allowed commets. One dictator down, one to go. Na hiyo nimaendeleo!

Kanu-ja still have my vote there’s no way anyone’s sayin anything different about the two idiots’ in any case bfore u go arguin with someone who refers to themselves as ‘first lady’ ask ureself who’s the jamaa behind her.. probably one of the idiots. yaani i never thought they’d be someone talkin on their behalf. let them burn…
ps.if idiot 1 is now taking advise from here then we’ll a shower wouldn’t hurt and maybe a new shirt.. we can have an open house for u if u need help.. or maybe am sure utaweza ica maxi they sell clothes too..

Hahahahah i love this blog, didn’t know butdoisay ilikuwa na ma fans wengi hivi hahaha.
Whats cracking me up is we are saying what we always want to say while hiding behind the comps, and everytime we meet each other, we be exchanging goodies(not those goodies).

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