Former Kenyan MP Held In New Delhi

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Former Budalang’i MP Raphael Wanjala and the woman at the centre of a property wrangle with her estranged Nigerian husband have been arrested in India and are being held in prison custody.

On Wednesday, the Nation learnt that Ms Joyce Akinyi and Mr Wanjala have been behind bars in New Delhi for a week now after they were allegedly arrested in the city with bundles of American dollars after police swooped down on a money laundering racket.

A source in New Delhi on Wednesday narrated how she met Akinyi — whose divorce case with Mr Anthony Chinedu is pending in court — at the Tihar prison in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Arrested on Friday

Reliable sources also indicate that the couple were arrested at the New Delhi Airport last Friday, October 10.

Authorities at the Tihar prison confirmed that Mr Wanjala was their guest. “Yes, it is confirmed that Raphael Bitta Sauti Wanjala is in this jail,” the official said.

He did not, however, confirm what charges, if at all, had been preferred against the two, saying such information could only be obtained from the arresting police station, which we could not immediately establish.

Ms Akinyi’s name could not be displayed on the computer the prison official was using, raising the suspicion that she was using an alias.

Ms Akinyi is said to have travelled to India two weeks ago through Uganda. Reports indicate that she might have travelled from Kampala to India on a passport bearing another name.

Calls to the Kenyan High Commission in New Delhi on Wednesday did not bear any information on the two, since the high commissioner, Mr Festus Kaberia, was said to be in meetings in other parts of the country.

An aide to the high commissioner said she did not have any information on the arrests, but promised to get back to us once her boss returned.

Sources in New Delhi said the two were set up by people they had been doing undisclosed business with.

Reports show that the two had been arrested earlier on the same day and were used by the police as bait to get their accomplices in the undisclosed crime.

“Akinyi was called by another sister she does business with, who told her that they were in trouble and needed to be bailed out.

She carried a lot of money to the airport where she got two of her friends with the police and she was arrested,” said a source.

Another source revealed that the two had between them close to $100,000 (about Sh75.9 million) in cash at the time of the arrest.

The Tihar prison, with more than 11,000 inmates, is the largest prison in India. There is a division between the male and female prisons.

Ms Akinyi was supposed to appear in court in Nairobi on Wednesday in a case in which a businessman is accusing her of failing to deliver on a multi-million shilling deal.


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Submitted by nani_ngombe
Posted oktober 16, 2008 12:19 PM

One primary reason to prove that we are not ready for dual citizenship. It is easy to cheat through our borders. With our exMPs and their batallion of concubines legally holding more than one passport and connecting Nigeria, Kenya and India, you bet, we’ll have one of the deadliest drug conduits in the world.

Submitted by ogutawinyo
Posted oktober 16, 2008 12:10 PM

The moment you interract at intimacy level with ‘Oga’, you can be sure my ‘broda’ that you are headed for trouble. Oga will ‘gi yu lot o-moni’ and later put you in ‘trobo’ Thank God-o because i have no Oga friend.

Submitted by Ireadlines
Posted oktober 16, 2008 11:22 AM

May I also say to my fellow country men and women, especially those that, like me, live abroad; Please, and I please, leave the Nigerians alone. Those people are upto no good. You can only regret having them as friends.

Submitted by solomon07
Posted oktober 16, 2008 09:28 AM

I wonder what sort of an image Wanjala is trying to portray to Kenyans when he gets involved in such illicit affair! Is he married, or still searching?

Submitted by cnphilison
Posted oktober 16, 2008 07:14 AM

Most of my kenyans may agree with me that some of the Leaders we have can not and will not deliver our nation to the promised vision 2030. Now in this case what moral issues does he reflects. I wonder what the so called his Supporters in Bundalangi would say come 2011 since am sure he will be there begging for votes. Our politician must start being good examples to reflect a True nation


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