Odede Vows To Win Again-His Friend “Skrews” The Mother-In Law, The Children And The Mzee

Posted on October 15, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

OK since it appears no one want’s the money, lemme take a shot with my old story.
Last year dec, me and my pal kama accompanied our friend oludhe who was gonna meet his soon to be inlaws somewhere in kiambu, after we had been introduced to the fam and fed proper, twa’s time to give our vote of thanx, and since our pal oludhe was from deep- deep nyanza, he had a heavy jang’o accent unfortunately and so went ahead saying….
“Ninge penda ku ’skrew’ nyinyi yote kwa kukaribisa sisi ‘apa leo, kwanza ninge penda ku ’skrew’ mama ya watoto kwa upisi bora, vilevile ningependa ku ’skrew’ watoto yako yote, alafu kumalizia kwa ku ’skrew’ wewe muzee…
It ended up being a really embarassing situation coz the poor guy couldn’t say SHUKURU, luckily Kama translated what he meant and so we avoided being hanged that day lol…..butdoisay….



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2 Responses to “Odede Vows To Win Again-His Friend “Skrews” The Mother-In Law, The Children And The Mzee”

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LOL Odede, waxha no i wil give u compe,,, will come up with a good storo..ata kama ni plagarized( Clay did not lay out the rules)

I vote for myself and declare myself a winner in this contest due to no contest, Clay , you know where to forward the cash, itsgonnabeonehelluvaweekenditellyabutdoisay….

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