Wife Accuses Saved Husband Of Sodomy…

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By Mwangi Muiruri

A 38-year-old woman in Gatundu is nursing injuries after being sodomised by her husband.

Identified only as Njoki, the mother of three says her husband has been demanding that they perform the abnormal act for the past three years but now it has become an obsession.

“Bwanangu amezoea tabia hii. Hataki njia ile ya kawaida ya mapenzi. Akihisi tamaa anafikiria njia hiyo ingine (My husband has become addicted to the act. He is no longer interested in the normal way of having sex. Every time he feels the urge, he thinks of sodomy),” she complains.

When Crazy Monday visited her home in Kirangari village, we found the woman, who has been married for 14 years, traumatised and depressed.

“Jameni, hii ni shida tupu (This is pure trouble),” she said.

At the beginning, she said, the sodomy was infrequent but with time it has turned into a regular indulgence.

Church elder

“I don’t know how to escape from this punishment. I would rather die than continue facing this kind of torture,” she complained.

But she faces a major dilemma as she ponders the next course of action: Her husband is a respected church elder! She says that she has sought the intervention of other church elders but they have all shied away from confronting him.

They have been telling her to quietly solve the matter with her husband, expressing fears that going public on the issue would cause her family and the church great embarrassment.

“But I’m suffering. I have decided to go public with it. But I fear he might become violent,” she said.

She has been to hospital secretly twice to seek treatment for injuries she described as very painful.

Excruciating pain

Njoki said that she has been to Nairobi Hospital as well as Kiambu District Hospital where she was treated.

“But my husband demands that we have sex even before I heal completely,” she complained.

Njoki said is becoming increasingly difficult to control her bowel movements. She added that she experiences a lot of difficulties in breathing and excruciating pain during movements.

Area human rights activist, Kefa Njuguna, said dealing with the issue is tricky due to the fear of ruining the family’s reputation.

“This is a married woman. We all know her husband and the position he holds in church. But how do we approach him for counselling? It is an awkward situation,” he said.

He advised the woman to file an official complaint with the authorities.

Butdoisay comment: Men…put your “GOMORRAHS” where they are meant to be…

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