Ambassador Muhindi Hires Her Cousin As A Cook???

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I think it extremely petty that the attacks on HE Muhindi have come down to the cook she employs. Has the trend of employing someone from “my place” begin with her? When a luo, kamba, kikuyu or luyha ascends to a position of authority, nepotism and tribalism are the order of the day in that organization. Moreover nepotism and tribalism were the root causes of post election violence. Unconfirmed reports say that Minister Anyang’ Nyong’o filled his ministry with “his people” immediately he took command. The same applies to the other PNU and ODm ministers. I remember when Nyachae was a minister he “kisii-fied” his ministries to embarrassing levels. And he was not alone, every single Kenyan in position of authority has slotted his “people” into the organization that they head. This is true too even with the Grand coalition government of the day. Prior to the general elections ODM used the tribal card to whip up tribal animosity and surprisingly there has been only glaring silence on this issue from the “watchdogs of Kenyan democracy” on the Kenyan Blogs in Sweden. I find it personally very disturbing and sickening when Kenyans go as far as to demonize people because they belong to the “other” tribe, yet claim to be democrats and agitators for political equality. I sincerely doubt that the Ambassadors cook would have made the jamii blog if the Ambassador was not of the “other” tribe, the one affiliated with PNU. During the nyayo administration, Ambassador Sergon “pumped”, as jamii puts it, many of his associates into Sweden before his term of office ended. Every Kenyan knows this and these people are still here. Does jamii mean to imply that democracy, political transparency and accountability were invented after January 2007? Possibly political and social issues were of lesser importance for the “watchdogs of Kenyan democracy” in Sweden. With this background of nepotism and tribalism in mind, why has jamii turned the heat on HE Muhindi with regard to her cook? Not the Kenyans working at the embassy or serving Kenyans living in Sweden cook, but her cook. The operative word here is her (cook). So of what is it of consequence who she employs, whether relative or not? Has she absolutely no say whatsoever? Someone please explain why the cook issue is such a crisis and threat to the Ambassadorial portfolio, because I just don’t get it! Did I miss something? If it is a question of nepotism and tribalism, then I expect and urge jamii to widen their nets, do exposés on any and all Kenyans found wanting. All in public interest of course. The sensationalism and crusade against the person of HE Muhindi has grown thin and is boarding on being ludicrous. Tukaee chonjo wakenya. Watu waache siasa zakumalizana…..butdoisay….

October 10, 2008

A response from HASS after reading the Jamii article.


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4 Responses to “Ambassador Muhindi Hires Her Cousin As A Cook???”

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Do these fools have anything concrete on the ambassodor? Or maybe they have some “liking” of her they just don’t want to admit? Maybe she likes you too, “our amazing most divine and heavenly ksb and jamii bloggers”.

And after all is said and done, Purity still laughs all her way to the bank!! If I remember correctly there were some Kenyans in Stockie who wanted to “contest” for the ambassadorial seat..what happened?

Munala has now set his sights on Daniel Kotutt basically accusing him of absconding from duty (Kotutt attends SU, sthlm university) and misuse of public funds (uses embassy car to get him to SU). Who went and made Munala the prefect at the embassy? Why is he digging into people’s private affairs, sniffing around like dogs do on each other? Ewwwh! Puh!
You know good people, going to school is very important. Of even more importance is that one learns to apply knowledge learned in school, in other words apply the training received. Good schooling is apparent when you meet someone who thinks and acts logically, and is of reasonable disposition. Please note that many who actually attended school did not pick up these qualities and basically just wasted their time there thinking education was just about grades. These are the people who in adulthood become pests and bigots. Very unreasonable and disagreeable fellows commonly referred to in colloquial English as thick headed or dense. Kotutt has most probably been granted leave by his employer MFA (Ministry Foreign of Affairs) to attend his courses and the man is moreover being progressive meaning he will even put his newly acquired knowledge into his service to Kenya when the time comes. Na hiyo ni maendeleo. Munala is rubbishing Kotutt’s efforts, saying that he is just “mangamangaring” at SU. Pursing higher education is “mangamangaring” according to Prof. Munala. I wonder which university he attended. There’s only two words for this kind of attack; WIVU na UDAKU.
This jamii fellow needs to focus on issues that bring development both for himself and the general Kenyan community in Sweden. Na hiyo itakuwa maendeleo.

Can somebody tell this jamii fool that the campaigns are over. People are busy trying to upgrade airports to accomodate Airforce One and Kajamii is busy ranting about talking to 3 people and getting comments from the 11 of them.

Purity Muhindi has Converted Kenyatta Day Ceremony to “Friends Day”

The Kenyan ambassador to Sweden Hon Purity Muhindi has converted Kenyatta day celebration that is supposed to take place next week by replacing it with a “VIP dinner”. She has selectively chosen her friends to celebrate with her to what she calls “VIP dinner” at a place which is still a secret to many Kenyans in Sweden. A group of heavyweight dignitaries from Kenya who at the moment are in Sweden and hiding under Purity Muhindi’s umbrella are among the invited to meet carefully selected Kenyans in Sweden.

Among the invited are Kenyan politicians who are on a mission in Sweden sponsored by tax payers’ money. According to a source that alerted Jamii, the event will take place in a top secret place because they don’t want people who are “mangamangaring” around the corridors. Many prominent Kenyan leaders and common Kenyans in Sweden have been left in darkness about what they so called “VIPs” are doing in town. Jamii learned that they are avoiding some tough questions from Kenyans in this region.

Jamii discovered that the PNU/Narc- KS are in a state of panic after they learned that one their own PNU leader was in town and the top guns did not know about it. One of the top officials wondered why they supported the party just to be betrayed at the 11th hour. The official told Jamii that he regrets why he joined the party in the first place. The dignitaries who are from Kenya are in Sweden on what they call a mission on Environmental conference. Their existence in Sweden and Nordic countries has been kept a top secret by the master of secrets Mrs. Purity Muhindi. Given the hostile political nature of Kenyans in Stockholm, her calculations can only be understood by those who were invited and instructed not to raise a voice to the VIPs when they meet them for what they call “meet Kenyans in Stockholm”.

They have been warned if they do raise their voices, they risk the next invitations just like when Charity Ngilu was in town last month. Jamii has learned that among the top politicians who are in Sweden is cabinet Minister Kiraitu Murungi, the minister for Energy. A source told Jamii that the Minister arrived here early this week and he has been operating underground seminars after being advised by a scared ambassador Hon. Purity Muhindi that Wakenya In Stockholm are alcoholics. The sad part of the saga is that some top PNU and Narc-KS sympathizers in Sweden have been left behind. Just to refresh some Kenyans memory, Narc-Ks was born and natured by Mr. Daniel Mwaura who many see as heavyweight politician especially among the Kikuyu community in Sweden.

This is not going down well especially to those who have been struggling so rigidly to build political democratic branch parties in this region. Top political leaders like Martin Ngatia, Daniel Mwaura, Changa Midenyo, Sofia Njoroge, among others were not spared in the isolation plate. KESOFO leaders also were not spared from the razor-sharp knife of discrimination by the lady in power Mrs. Purity Muhindi. Kesofo expected that the chair lady would be invited to mingle with the so called “VIPs” but “loo”, the knife was so sharp that the nice lady of Kesofo was left behind.

Purity Muhindi can’t handle the stress of the main stream blogs in Sweden. She has been around for some time and what we expect from her is to see her gone. What she has done is that she has minimized Kenyatta day celebration into friendship kind of thing. She can’t handle the stress of being asked how she fired a Luhya cook and hired her cousin who is not a professional cook. What we want to know is why is she playing cat and rat game especially when it comes to the people that we electected democratically and we pay them a salary every month. We don’t know what we are supposed to know and I think this is very scary to all progressive Kenyans.

Some who do not understand this whole concept will come up with some petty comments just because they don’t get it. They will never cry foul if the roles they voted for were reversed. The reason why they are afraid to meet Kenyans is because we have discovered their dirty games. By her hiding them from Wakenya shows that she is without the knowledge and experience necessary to act and handle Kenyans. We also know Mr. Kirautu Murungi and his political acquaintances cannot answer questions concerning the energy crisis in Kenya (The ministry that he handles).

For them to attend a session of the environmental conference in Sweden without inviting Wakenya is shameful. Meeting with leaders here in Sweden is not a big deal. Hiding these people shows that Mrs. Purity is not comfortable, nor confident in her ability as the Kenyan ambassador to Sweden to sit before any Kenyan group, at any time, place, even impromptu, and be able to hold on. A part from organizing fancy parties to convert Kenyans into alcoholics, she has only one speech which is hanging on their website since last year. By now she should have been on Swedish news just like the Swedish ambassador in Kenya does talk shows on Kenyan national TVs.

It is very demeaning to hear that people like Kiraitu, Ngilu and the rest were in town for a shopping kind of thing when they are using tax payers’ money. By accepting this kind of behaviors and handling it in the manner many sympathizer would like it will mean that whatever they say we have to say “Yes sir” and that means we are losers. A true leader who is professional would recognize their ability’s and their inabilities and would talk about it openly the way we do it on the blogs. Once again, Purity Muhindi has proven to us beyond doubt that she is a selfish leader and she is not qualified to be doing her job so is Kiratu and others who are under her umbrella.

Many who called Jamii team wondered why is it that the same brand when they go to other western countries; they meet Kenyans, why not in Sweden? Government officials have isolated the main stream Kenyans who have been working hard to make sure that our democratic values are respected and build from the grassroots. Among the political heavyweights that were contacted by Jamii were Mr. Martin Ngatia, the Vice chairman of ODM in Sweden, Changa Midenyo, former treasurer and others who were very displeasured by the ambassador’s move.

Munala Wa Munala.

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