“Lets Have A Dialogue” My Friend The Late Kiboi Said…Part 1

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She Hired Her “Cousin” As A Cook.

It is understood that Hon. Purity Muhindi fired a luhya cook just to make a way for her relative from Mt. Kenya to take over. Jamii has learned that the woman in Mrs. Muhindi’s kitchen is a relative to the family. Jamii also learnt that the woman in the kitchen is not a cook because the real cook is on the way coming. Having said this, to me this appears to be human smuggling or trafficking if you like it that way. Based on the information that we have, Mrs. Purity knows that her days are numbered and her plan is to pump more of her associates in Sweden before she goes back home. The strategy is working for now but we don’t know for how long it will last.

One will start wondering why Mrs. Purity fired her former cook just to hire her cousin.

Today On Butdoisay Dialogue.... If its true, would you employ your relative if you were on a high post? Example President, Prime minister or Ambassador? Did she do wrong?

Lifted an article on Jamii by Munala


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7 Responses to ““Lets Have A Dialogue” My Friend The Late Kiboi Said…Part 1”

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I think it extremely petty that the attacks on HE Muhindi have come down to the cook she employs. Has the trend of employing someone from “my place” begin with her? When a luo, kamba, kikuyu or luyha ascends to a position of authority, nepotism and tribalism are the order of the day in that organization. Moreover nepotism and tribalism were the root causes of post election violence. Unconfirmed reports say that Minister Anyang’ Nyong’o filled his ministry with “his people” immediately he took command. The same applies to the other PNU and ODm ministers. I remember when Nyachae was a minister he “kisii-fied” his ministries to embarrassing levels. And he was not alone, every single Kenyan in position of authority has slotted his “people” into the organization that they head. This is true too even with the Grand coalition government of the day. Prior to the general elections ODM used the tribal card to whip up tribal animosity and surprisingly there has been only glaring silence on this issue from the “watchdogs of Kenyan democracy” on the Kenyan Blogs in Sweden. I find it personally very disturbing and sickening when Kenyans go as far as to demonize people because they belong to the “other” tribe, yet claim to be democrats and agitators for political equality. I sincerely doubt that the Ambassadors cook would have made the jamii blog if the Ambassador was not of the “other” tribe, the one affiliated with PNU. During the nyayo administration, Ambassador Sergon “pumped”, as jamii puts it, many of his associates into Sweden before his term of office ended. Every Kenyan knows this and these people are still here. Does jamii mean to imply that democracy, political transparency and accountability were invented after January 2007? Possibly political and social issues were of lesser importance for the “watchdogs of Kenyan democracy” in Sweden. With this background of nepotism and tribalism in mind, why has jamii turned the heat on HE Muhindi with regard to her cook? Not the Kenyans working at the embassy or serving Kenyans living in Sweden cook, but her cook. The operative word here is her (cook). So of what is it of consequence who she employs, whether relative or not? Has she absolutely no say whatsoever? Someone please explain why the cook issue is such a crisis and threat to the Ambassadorial portfolio, because I just don’t get it! Did I miss something? If it is a question of nepotism and tribalism, then I expect and urge jamii to widen their nets, do exposés on any and all Kenyans found wanting. All in public interest of course. The sensationalism and crusade against the person of HE Muhindi has grown thin and is boarding on being ludicrous. Tukaee chonjo wakenya. Watu waache siasa zakumalizana.

By the way, the fired cook is apparently luyha and so is Munala. Coincedence? Not! He is doing precisely what he accuses HE Muhindi of doing, looking out for his “people”. The difference being Munala and his “people” don’t hail from Mt.Kenya region. I wonder if Munala would be so worked up and spiffy is the fired cook was say, a Giriama. Or if the fired cook was replaced with another luyha one. Why does Munala assume that Kenyans in Stockholm are all retarded and cannot connect the dots? I personally find it despicable that he dares to insult my intelligence.Damn!

I don’t mean to monopolize Clay’s blog today (Sorry Clay!) but I had to ask my fellow wakenya. There are three major Kenyan blogs in Sweden going by visitor count; Butdoisay, KSB and Jamii. (Don’t feel hot Clay). These are hosted by the same wordpress outfit and logic has it that the rules governing them and conditions exacted on their authors, owners if you like, are the same in every aspect. My question is now this: Why is it that it is only on Butdoisay that the reading public, wakenya, can upload comments? Comment on articles and engage one another? We inform, educate and challenge one another on Butdoisay, at least I attempt to do so. Mr. Clay moderates and cuts out any “nasty” stuff that may be written. Butdoisay facilitates a forum in Sweden where wakenya can express themselves. This is surely what dialogue is about, traffic is always two ways. Democracy at work. Let’s look at Jamii and KSB shall we? Every tried to post a comment? React to an article but posting a reply? Not possible. Period. Nada. Monologue is the preferred mode of communication. They know it all, we don’t have a clue. What message is being sent to wakenya reading these blogs? Your views are neither required nor relevant. We are expected to partake of the news and articles but however descent from views expressed therein is totally unacceptable and is not tolerated. Sound familiar? Full marks people, that’s right! It’s dictatorship, plain and simple. Or am I reading these guys wrong?

Hass… u deserve a round of beers.. on me.. if u like.. u spoke like ten elders and ure alone.. sure spent alot of time trying to comment on this two. Most of us had begun to forget about them. For real if u took time to see the idiots behind both Jamii and Ksb.. u’d understand what am coming from. Nyway, apart from making the rest of kenyans in stockholm look bad to the rest of the world, the idiots are pretty inconsiquencial. Don’t know Nada about Kenya.

OBAMA 08!!!

Memories… I remember clay advertising for some football rounds and taking his time to organize some team, only to be ambushed that he want’s to con the footballers their legs and blah blah (ton load of ushenzi). These bloggers are just a bunch of hecklers.

Jeeeez!!! Can some of these folks get an EFFING LIFE!! My Gosh, look at what blogging came to…. baseless attacks.. Purity, hire them all if you can Kwani? Best you hire someone who you know can make githeri just the way you like it! Munala STHU!

Not to mention we also love butdoisay coz it’s the only blog that pays it’s readers (ok just me but, u get the point)…… By the way when is our next writing contest? i’m already broke again butcaisay…

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