Beware Of Those Nude Photos You Take With Your Boyfriends..

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Two months after a series of her nude photos were published in a Ugandan tabloid; Cinderella Sanya aka Cindy has landed a lucrative deal with a leading radio station.

The former member of the award winning all-girls group Blu*3 might have collapsed when her private nude pictures found their way to the streets, but it seems the embarrassment has turned into a blessing in disguise.

The singing beauty now has her groove back. She is back in the limelight, signing major gigs and getting spoiled for choice as radio and TV stations compete to have her on air. In fact, Cindy seems to be keeping her cool as she chooses the highest bidder from the offers rolling in since her nude pictures were published.


In case you were wondering what the big deal is, here is a quick recap. In August naked pictures of the Ugandan singer found their way onto the cover of a local tabloid.

She had posed privately for a boyfriend but unfortunately the pictures found their way into the hands of paparazzi, and the paper literally sold out that day.

It was the same day the tabloid broke the story that the nude photos were being sold on Kampala streets for a hefty amount.

The tabloid portrayed Cindy ‘as a weirdo who loves to pose nude’ claiming that she had even posed nude for a white man only identified as Mario.

On getting the news, Cindy reportedly collapsed and was rushed to hospital.

But five days later, Cindy was out fighting to restore her good girl image despite admitting that the nude photos that appeared in the tabloid were indeed hers.

“The photos were made for my boyfriend’s inbox and were privately ours. It was unfair for the tabloid to run them as they serve a negative image on me. I am considering a legal redress.


And sticking her head high above the criticism, Cindy went ahead to host a show at Club Rouge (a leading Kampala night out joint) that Friday.

And now she is gearing to host a popular Saturday morning three-hour radio show at Bukedde FM where her former partner in Blu*3 Lillian Mbabazi had been some time ago.

The station is said to have sought Cindy soon after the nude pictures were published as other media houses allegedly jostled to get her on air.

The singer is reportedly set to end training in preparation for her new morning show. The scandal followed the decision to kick her out by colleagues in Blu*3 after a prolonged holiday in Spain with her boyfriend Mario. .

Whether on an intended cause or not, Cindy is a classic example of how a celebritys sexual exposure can get one back in limelight after a waning season.

Nearer home, revaling photos of celebrated volleyball star Janet Wanja also found their way to the Internet. This was months after she had been left out of a major continental volleyball tournament signalling her dwindling sail.

Janet Wanja

The photos showing Wanja, posing suggestively in skimpy attire are still doing rounds on the Internet.

Wanja’s only comments to Pulse were; “I know about the photos but I shall not comment on them.”

Sources close to the volley ball star have it that Wanja is “a spontaneous happy party girl whose private life can easily find its way to the public”

“I am not shocked about the photos. She could have easily posted them herself,” said our source who asked to remain anonymous.

The nude celebrity picture is a trend growing among local celebs with local singer Kaz losing some of her fan base after her naked pictures were published.

And though tongues wagged, the singer was soon back in the studio with popular self proclaimed King of bling Prezzo. The two released a seductive video which is now climbing up the charts.

Just like Cindy, Kaz admitted that the photos had been taken for her private use. she also frantically heaped the blame of their leakage on a friend. But naysayers widely believed that Kaz had personally posted the photos to popularise her just released album Somin.

Questionable as the situation was, Kaz went on to write a press release begging on the media to help her ‘kill’ the story as it was tainting her image and causing major stress to her family, especially her mother.

Now, ironically, some scenes in her collaborated Nataka Tupendane video come something close to her Internet pictures with sexy bedroom clips of her in bed and in a bathtub. And now Kaz is back gracing magazine covers and showbiz TV shows, candidly unveiling her private life and music career.

In Tanzania, controversial diva Ray C had a sex tape that featured her and an unidentified man find its way to the masses.

Shortly after, a harsh message was posted on her blog, arguably by the singer wedging a stinging attack on her critics. “Because you can’t get sex, don’t tell me…. How did your mother and father make you…? I love being black and I love sex,” the message said in part. And with that, Ray C was back on top of her game releasing new singles.

Her jailed Tanzanian counterpart TID is also said to have been caught in a similar sex Internet drama.

“The nudity culture is growing all over the world and it’s no longer a big deal. Why do you people demonise celebs when they get caught up in this? They are also human,” argues Susan Akelo who claims that she has posed nude before her boyfriend.

“I do it for fun. Nobody should mistake this with pornography. I mean, if the photos find their way to the Internet by mistake, does it mean I was trying porn,” she defends.

“I believe that most of those celebrity nude poses that make their way to the Internet are normally planned. It’s a move by the celebs to remain relevant. It’s sick. But the world likes to hear about sex and what a short cut for the celebs to regain their relevance,” says Musau, a 26-year-old pulser, student at the University of Nairobi.

“Shock on you that we even have Internet groups with students from local different universities posting nude photos in the net and competing to see which campus has the hottest looking girls,” he adds.

lifted from the pulse


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need 2 see em first, can u help pls

I thnk being a celeb is realy hectic people do get on your nerves.i think ts not fair to also poke on ones affair n for one to post search photos on magazine wat do u expect.we shld consider which news we deliver for newspapers are read by all.n for the celeb respectn uaself earns u respect 4m all around.


you can’t go around posing nude for anyone. these ladies should’ve known better. i mean sleeping with a man is a necessity, a thirst you have to quench but posing nude is something way outta that range. i can’t ask a girl to pose for me cmon guys wat are you gonna do with that pic. jerk off at it? those ladies deserve it. cheers to the nude photos of stupid girls we keep gettin…. hhahahahhahhahhahhahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaaaaahhahhahha *hic hahhahhahhahhaha

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