A Stare That Says It All….

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A Stare That Says It All….Do you sometimes just stare at nothing and your mind is gazed on something else? Or maybe your mind is far away thinking of your loved one or vice verse?
Do you sometimes stare at your children,friends and wonder how it will be without you or without them?Do you sometime stare and think that that day will be there some day?
Do you sometime stare and pretend to be dead, but you see how your children,wife,husband, mother and father are suffering since you are gone, and you were the bread winner in the family, you were the one who used to pick up your old mother from home to the dispensary, or take your kids to school congested in a bus.
Now that you are gone, they are for themselves, with no-one to turn to. And then suddenly you wake up from the stare….and you look at them, and tend to love and appreciate them.
While you are reading this, look at the person beside you and imagine she/he is gone, what would you do?
Learn to appreciate, respect and love him/her, there is this one day that she/he will never be there.
If its your enemy, you only have enemies when you are alive, but when they are dead they become your friends that you sometimes mourn them.So appreciate them too somehow.Give them that stare and think, what if they are gone…how will their relatives feel?
They are your enemies but to their beloved ones they are the bread winners and they are so much loved.Cmon give me that imaginary stare and let me know what you are thinking!!! Stares tell it all…butdoisay..  
Clay Onyango.  



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3 Responses to “A Stare That Says It All….”

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Unavuta nini wewe?

That,s true Clay i also stare n wonder a lot.How my boys will be when they grow up n infact i thot i couldn,t make it as a single mama but i,ve been proved wrong bcoz Lord has really been on my side n answered all my prayers.I,m better off as a single mum n also i,m a SUPER WOMAN as Alicia Keys says.Nothing is impossible just believe in yourself ama.

I’m looking at the person next to me and frankly i still can’t get it how it would affect me were they not here, coz at the moment i’m at school and maybe these people u r asking me to stare at r gonna grow up to own a club whereby they will leave STRICT instructions with the vakts outside, to discriminate me and my brothers and sister’s when we go there to spend money we don’t have in the first place, butdoisay….

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