Kusmus Wrote….Should He Be The Winner??

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hi “all do isays”
iam sitting under a mugumo tree after aday of planting,considering that this year most of the plants failed hata maindi this time zimekauka,iwonder what is going to happen but anyway there is hope that perhabs the short rains are going to be our I:M:F and UN combined pamoja from heaven.
anyway as i sit here i can here and see excited faces of women and men hurdled together talking in animated voices despite the crop failure this year we always have something kept for a bad day iwont use the old adage “save for arainy day” coz obviously it aint raining.
infact iwonder cant we change that to be in tune with the current issue of global warming and so from leo it be known as save for a dry warm ama hot day?,anyway back to the issues on hand ,so considering that the whole village has done the same thing saved something for a dry day… we have enough to feed for the day because to day is the day that our boys are going to be made men.
there is muratina in plenty and mbuzi choma,”mutura” and one or two guys who are from the city have come to town with abottled changaa by the name of kenya cane,safari cane and some more cane this, cane that, well they in my thinking are the ones that have lost their roots, for me muratina will do just fine and when i feel like i have had one too many then iwill go and fetch aboiled gwaci ama duma they work perfectly in neutralizing the imbalance of sugar in the body and hence soberness in a few minutes time.hey that one dont google it my forefathers came up with it and believe you me it cant be proved in a lab but it works here, either power of belief ama call it just ushamba..it works and thats all icare about……
now for those of you who went through the doctors knife and dont know athing about traditional circumcision this is how we used to do it or should i say this is the way we are going to do it;
but first ilove history so let me say what i heard my teacher at kikuyu high school tell me about circumcision and how i came to be in kikuyu……..
It is thought that the system of circumcision was borrowed from Cushitic and Nilotic peoples by the early Thagicu, well pronounce it “thagisho”this was one of the ancestral groups of the Kikuyu (and possibly the tenth of the ‘full nine’ clans mentioned in oral tradition remeber that book in class three that told us the myths of where we all came from and i always laughed at the pic of maasia coming from heaven with their cows…the same told me about kikuyu and mumbi and their nine daughters …and one of the daughters who is not mentioned for reasons that iwould like to have awhole day writing about, ok thats not the story here back to our history class..). what was i saying ….mmmm thagisho ….The point to note here is that circumcision was adopted some five centuries ago. Before then, one presumes that it did not feature in proto-Kikuyu life.
now outwardly a relatively simple physical act, circumcision is in fact of crucial social importance, with complex meanings that affect the entirety of society. On its most basic level, circumcision marks the passage of a child into adulthood. The cutting of a foreskin or clitoris marks the cutting away of childhood. Psychologists and mungiki,thai…. alike, remember the gonya wa gakonya ilkes, and others variously ascribe all manner of additional interpretations to the act: it could be a breaking of innocence, or of purity; it is a cleansing; it marks the difference between rational man and animal-like childhood, and so on. Whatever the truth of these additional meanings, what is certain is that the responsibilities that accompany this rite of passage are extremely complex, and cannot simply be dismissed as being ‘primitive’ or ‘barbaric’ without a deeper understanding of their significance.
Circumcision symbolises a person’s assumption of adult responsibilities – both social and cultural – and the individual’s acceptance as a full member of the nyumba ya mumbi. Among the adu a nyumba an uncircumcised person, no matter how old he or she might be, will generally be regarded as a child for that case an overgrown one, or else will be seen as inferior or lacking. and If the person who is not circumcised begets children, the act is believed to anger both gods and the spirits of the ancestors, and the whole community will suffer in consequence.
There would be a drought, for example, because someone who was not circumcised had made a child. Circumcision, therefore, was necessary for maintaining relations with ancestors and god. In consequence, many societies – the Kikuyu included – have a taboo against un uncircumcised man having children. If this occurs, the usual punishment is exile for both the mother and father, which nowadays takes the form of people heading off to Nairobi to fend on their own. If a man, this is not so much of a problem, but if a woman, the city is certainly not a friendly place: I met many Kikuyu prostitutes propositioning supposedly well-heeled Westerners in Nairobi’s bars.well idont mean they are all here sababu waliget watoi na tuhii twa itora…by the way on the proposed housing housing schemes there will be abig ten floor building on koinange street by year 2015 purposely for…you know what happens there so iwont even say it here…haya back to story yetu
But the taboo against uncircumcised people applies not just individually, but across entire peoples:
iwould imagine akikuyu woman who has akikuyu man and who is not circumcised how it would be if her friends and neighbours found out that her husband is uncircumcised,i bet watahama mtaa…for this case ushago…..anyway
seems like there is just enough to write on this topic so ibet ibetter get to finnish with it before i occupy all the space on this blog…
now the eventual part is that the boys tonite will go to the river early in the morning before the first cork crows…nguku ya mbere and they will be in the water untill the early hours when the cimcumciser….iwonder if thats english…but you get the point…perhabs the old man will come after he has had afew horns of muratina and will use the same knife on all the boys..
after the circumcision boys usually go into “hibernation” this is the period that they are taught how to be men…and because we were not allowed to share what we learned in this period iwill stop here…
but one never knows one day imight come to europe and i think when am there the curse of saying what iheard and saw wont be able to cross the oceans and follow me………….
well if you think our fore fathers were funny in thinking that our woman should be circumcised what about this ifound it on net and thought its somewhat mbuzi`sh….yaani “mburilike”

Pubic hair affects women’s sexuality, claims Japanese professor Asaki Geino. He classifies women into five types, the most likely of which to be unfaithful being the type whose hair resembles the mouth of a river.

“Usually female pubic hair grows in the form of an upside down triangle, but some women’s is oblong or elliptical in shape,” the professor explained.

“It’s not that rare for women with oblong-shaped pubic hair to fall in love at first sight or fall head-over-heels with passion. They also don’t like sitting at home on their own. The combination of these characteristics causes men to go wild over them.”

The majority of eastern women have pubic hair that looks like an inverted triangle: “This type is characterized by faithfulness and fitness for family life. Women of this type are good mothers, faithful wives and caring daughters. I don’t think I’m wrong when I say that precisely this type of woman helped Japan become the glorious country it is,” Geino said triumphantly, kusmus reports.

There’s no doubt the professor’s findings are very interesting, but nevertheless they’re impossible to apply in practice: the majority of women today wax their bikini line clean. Having said this, if a man has serious intentions, it might be worth his while asking to participate in the process in order to see what his future holds.

just that iknow how much would 350 krunna,corona ok pesa yenu be in kenya shillings?


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too long, a lot of typos… no paragraphs, so i vote for Odede as it was short and to the point. I could not even finish reading this one……

the winner will be announced on furahi day…

Thank you nyams and God bless you..

I also vote for Odede.

Thanx Nyaf,now that i’m leading on votes i declare myself the winner and hereby promise to name my grand coalition cabinet tommorow when the funds become availiable…

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