Njenga Muirani Requests Our Help!!!

Posted on September 24, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Njenga, a Kenyan and a brother to Gathuku wa Muirani requests and invites Kenyans and friends to his “Itega” that will be held in Friggsväg 15 opposite  Hallundas Riksteater, on the 26 September,Time 1600 pm. Itega is a term used by Kenyans or Kikuyus to cry for support or help in any circumstance. It could also mean to celebrate a birth of a child, whereby friends and relatives bring presents and cash, and in Njengas situation, he needs cash preferably. Njenga unfortunately happens to be in jail and he has a family to support back home and your donation will be highly appreciated. See you there on Friday. Sing…Harambe harambe tuimbe pamoja,harambee harambe tuimbe pamoja,harambe harambe tuimbe pamoja tujenge Kenya yetu…sing while heading to Hallunda on friday……butdoisay…

Clay Onyango


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7 Responses to “Njenga Muirani Requests Our Help!!!”

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Excuse my ignorance, but why is he in jail? Was the guy framed and hence all the sympathy? Isn’t the mans situation today a consequence of the path he chose to pursue? When he was walking this path, did he consider how it would affect his family, relatives and friends? Why should Kenyans be called upon to bail him out? What about his victim(s)? Imagine if it were someone near and dear to you. What signals are we sending out as a community? Why not a “itega” for the people Ngenga messed up? Get me right, I do sympathize with the situation he has caused to his family and relatives, but he knowingly made his bed now let him lie in it. The fellow is no victim of circumstance! As the saying goes, if you cant do the time dont do the crime. This is the truth no matter how bitter. Kenyans hate the truth and are such hypocrites, no wonder they perpetually suffer! Naiwefunzo kwa wengine.

Yap Hass i couldn,t agree with you more.

Hass, he is already lieing in that bed which he made for himself and already paying the price but that wont stop his siblings to continue with their life.All parties are victims, but one can persue whatever one wishes when it comes to ethics.Some people do learn it through the the hard way.Peace!

If wishes were horses,beggars would ride, but in this case,if wishes were horses…we would support both the victims…(Njenga and his victim).

Muirani,your sentiments are noted. But the question was as to why Kenyans in stockholm are being called upon to bail him out. Kwanini? As you have put it,his siblings must continue with their lives and the same applys for kenyans in stockholm.

Mr. Paul Njenga is in involuntary camp here in Sweden” says Osewe on KSB’s. Is that the polite term for being behind bars? “Involuntary camp” my a$$! It’s high time the lies, half-truths and the use of the Kenyan public as a means to making quick money comes to an end. To cease! Calling on ones friends in time of need is the acceptable norm, but to put advertisements calling on all and sundry to harambees is just exploitation. Plain and simple, there’s no other word for it. Moreover to pretend that there is brotherhood and cohesiveness in Kenyan society is just plain dishonesty. We all know how things get tribal with Kenyans. When money is the primary item on the agenda Kenyans are all smiles and hugs. Hypocrites! Be men and women of substance; stand on your own damn two feet!

Hass, no hard feelings but its by choice if one feels like attending.Kenyans are mature enough and they do make rightful decisions.

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