Naivasha, Kenya’s capital of shock and horror stories..

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By Anthony Gitonga

In the first half of the last century, Naivasha shocked the world as part of colonial Kenya’s ‘Happy Valley’, the scene of white sexual excess.

Recent happenings in Naivasha and Kinangop, another place favoured by the Happy Valley set, make the excesses of yesteryear look like a children’s picnic.

They are nearer to what went on in Sodom and Gomorrah before the fire and brimstone. From rape to murder, incest and carjacking, Naivasha is always in the news for the weirdest happenings.

So negative are the stories emanating from the town that many people are afraid to be associated with the lakeside town.

Shallow grave

In a recent incident, a 25-year-old former street boy raped, killed, cannibalised and drank the blood of one of his victims.

What was first reported as a rape turned bizarre when the body of a middle-aged woman was exhumed from a shallow grave inside the suspect’s house.

Sister Florence Muia (right) and activist Rahab Wairuri console a minor who was defiled by a relative in Naivasha.

With breasts, tongue and some toes missing, the half-naked body that had started to decompose was dug from under the former street boy’s bed. The incident happened just two days after two women were rescued from a house in Kihoto estate where they had been locked up after being abducted. Their attacker is said to have drunk the blood of the 13-year-old teenager and 25-year-old housewife.

The attacker has since been taken to the court and charged with murder. But just before the heat abated, the body of a middle-aged man alleged to be another victim of the ‘vampire’, was found on a roundabout in Industrial Area estate with his private parts missing.

For the last three years, rape and defilement cases, some of minors as young as two years, have been on the rise and are almost the order of the day.

According to court records, two to three defilements are reported weekly from both Naivasha and Nyandarua North District, commonly known as Kinangop.

They include one incident where a brother defiled his 12-year-old sister for months in Ihindu area early last year. Later, he invited in his four friends and every evening they would line up in the muddy house and abuse her in turns despite her feeble cries.

The case came to the limelight after the five, including the minor, contracted a sexually transmitted disease, prompting investigations. Child activists then rescued the minor.

In another incident, a woman in Kirima area, bordering Naivasha and Kinangop, burnt the private parts of her 12-year-old daughter after she was raped. Though the woman alleged that a piece of burning wood had accidentally fallen on the minor, witnesses said she did it to teach her a lesson. Both cases are still in court.

Another bizarre incident occurred in the same area in September, last year when a man defiled his retarded stepdaughter as her mother watched.

Bhang smoker

The bhang smoker abused the 10-year-old for a year until relatives intervened after she developed medical complications.

On examination, it was found that both the mother and her daughter had been infected with HIV. The accused is now in custody.
Members of the public carry away the decomposing body of a woman found in Kihoto estate, Naivasha. Some parts were missing.

Hardly a week ago, a 70-year-old man was arraigned in a Naivasha court charged with defiling an eight-year-old girl in the sprawling Kabati estate.

According to statistics from the Naivasha Disadvantaged Support Group (Nadisgo), the number of sexually abused women has tripled in the last two years.

According to Ms Rahab Wairuri, the group’s chairperson, co-operation from police and doctors has seen many of the cases treated and discharged.

Wairuri says rape and defilement cases especially in Kinangop, Nyandarua District and Mai Mahiu are also on the increase. “The most affected are children between the ages four and 12, who fear exposing the culprits after being threatened,” she says.

She adds that there are a number of cases where fathers have turned to their daughters after their wives succumbed to Aids-related ailments.

Her sentiments are echoed by Sister Florence Muia from Upendo Village, who attributes the surging cases of sexual abuse to the collapse of moral values and drugs such as bhang.

Free legal services

She is, however, optimistic that the stigmatisation associated with rape is diminishing and many victims now come out to report.

“Victims no longer hide after realising that they can avoid contracting HIV,” she adds.

She says that due to the free legal services and counselling they offer coupled with media intervention and medical assistance, many victims now seek help immediately.

According to Muia, the latest case of child abuse occurred in Githabai area of Naivasha. A father threw out his two daughters after they defied his order that they be circumcised in accordance with the Kikuyu custom.

Uncircumcised girls

“The minors now live in a rental house as the father has vowed not to live with uncircumcised girls,” she says.

A senior medic at Naivasha District Hospital says the hospital was receiving between three to four cases on a weekly basis.

“Some years back we would receive the same number after two to three weeks but things have changed,” he adds.

He paints a grim picture, saying in 90 per cent of the cases reported, minors are involved. “Many cases involving the minor occur either when they are going to or from school,” he adds.

However area MP John Mututho believes that the town is carrying other people’s baggage.

“Majority of cases reported by the press are mainly from Kinangop in Central Kenya as they do not have a major hospital or a court,” he says.

A minor salvages whatever he can after youths set their house on fire in Kabati estate during post-election violence in Naivasha town.

But besides sexual abuse stories, other weird occurrences like incest have forced some to relocate to other areas.

In Maraigushu area, a 67- year-old man ‘married’ his daughter and sired a daughter with her. And to rub salt into the wound, the farmer has constructed a stone house for his ‘wife’ just next to a falling timber house belonging to his ‘elder’ wife.

When police tried to arrest the couple after an outcry from the locals, the daughter openly accused her mother of failing in bed in the presence of journalists.

“What is your problem? I do this willingly since this woman (her mother) is a failure in bed and I’m my dad’s gachungwa (concubine)!” she declared.

The father and daughter were arraigned in court but later set free after DNA tests were done. They immediately moved back together and are still living as man and wife.

Witchdoctor’s house

Perhaps what caught many by surprise was the recovery of dirty underwear and thousands of pictures from a witchdoctor’s house early February this year.

Cats, lizards and other paraphernalia were found in a house in Site estate. Both male and female underpants tied up with rotten eggs, razorblades and unknown stuff littered the single-roomed house.

Among the pictures found were of prominent people in Naivasha town. Shocked residents flocked to the house to check if their pictures were there.

“God, umeona yangu?” (Have you seen mine?) This was the most common question within the town as the able and the disabled trooped in.

And one by one, some left crestfallen after discovering that not only were their pictures on the dirty floor but so were those of their parents.

Horrified, others collected their pictures and left. “I think we have wronged the Lord and it’s time we repented our sins,” said one Ayub Janta Gitau, a local.

“The only person who can save us is God before we all perish like in Sodom and Gomorrah,” added Fabisch Ng’ang’a, a born again Christian.

And as the town grapples with the human abuse, suspicions between the white settlers and the black community are on the rise.

This was prompted by the arrest of a white farmer, Thomas Patrick Cholmondeley allegedly for shooting a black man in mysterious circumstances.

Other settlers have also lost their lives in the hands of thugs with some blaming it on the differences between whites and blacks. In late 2004, a farm manager at the Chapachulla Farm, John Almer Christian, was killed by six gangsters who raided his home.

Early 2005 saw a Dutch investor, Schravan Llyod, die outside the gate to his flower farm moments after withdrawing money from the local bank. The thugs are said to have made away with Sh1. 2 million.

Later on the proprietor of the Crater Lake on the shores of Lake Naivasha, John Roedgers Goldson, was shot dead by three armed thugs outside his exclusive hotel.

On January 13, 2006 in Safari Land Naivasha a renowned filmmaker and environmentalist Joan Root was shot while in bed.

And with every dawn, residents here pray and hope Naivasha would not be in the news again.

BUTDOISAY COMMENT: Jeuri…if you are Naivasha, I will never offend you….let me say sorry in advance, just incase I come your way….

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i last visited naivasha on 24th oct 09 with the kikuyu district youth association which am a member of for the walk covering 78kms aimed at helping those still living in camps i tell you this place deserted are these guys in kenya really

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! 🙂

what a crazy part of tha world.hook-up with God
my dear villagers

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