Drugged Soldier Ends Up In Hospital Poorer…Watch Out!!!!

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By Caroline Yego

A middle aged soldier narrowly escaped death last month in a Nairobi slum after his drink was spiked.

Mark Toroitich aka Toro had arrived in the city from his military camp at Kasitet Baringo with the aim of buying his family a television set and a solar system so they could watch the Olympic games in China.

After cashing a loan cheque from his co-operative society, Toro headed for an electronics shop on River Road. However on reaching the shop, he found that the television set he had seen the last time he was there was out of stock. He was advised that if he came back the following day, he would get it as the shop was expecting another consignment that evening.

With that in mind, Toro strolled to other shops to compare prices for the solar system. After identifying one that had an agreeable price, he decided to buy both items the following day since the two shops were near the famous Nyamakima matatu stage.

Then Toro left for Ruaraka where his old friend Michael Kangogo lives. On his way he called Kangogo and suggested they can meet at their favourite joint in Mathare slum after work.

Blurred vision

The afternoon heat and the weekend mood drove Toro to Cheptongilo pub in Mathare, place where booze is affordable and the ‘Kaninis’ and ‘Shiros’ are eager company. They say in that part of Mathare, these ladies are as brown as a tomato and with their enticing words, they can make even a lion purr.

On arrival, he ordered for his favorite brand to quench the thirsty that was burning his throat. As the saying goes, after three bottles every lady becomes beautiful.

For Toro, although all the ladies in the bar grew more beautiful, one who was sitting alone at the table opposite him sipping a drink that never got finished, became prettier by the minute. After observing her for sometime, his male instinct told him that the poor girl needed a morale booster and being a man from a patriarchal community, he felt compelled to rescue her from her misery. He ordered the waiter to add her one more on his bill, all the while stealing glances at her.

With every glance he stole, the longing to hold her grew. He was tormented by mental images of him and her together. When he could hold back any longer, he took a trip to the toilet and on coming back, he passed by her table and requested her to join him at his table. And without hesitation, she obliged. More beers were brought and they continued to drink. What transpired later, Toro could not remember.

He found himself in a place he did not know with a drip strapped on his left hand. He could not recognise the people standing beside his bed nor could he understand a thing they were saying. The more they talked, the more he got confused.

Dire consequences

Toro was admitted at a private clinic in Mathare after a Good Samaritan found him the following day comatose in a trench. He had vomited and urinated on himself.

He was later moved by his relatives to Kabarnet District Hospital in Baringo where he spent more days recuperating from the temporary insanity caused by a drug suspected to be ‘mchele’, which is commonly used by twilight girls to drug men whom they suspect to be having a lot of money.

After one month of hospitalisation, Toro was recently discharged a distraught and poorer man. No money to pay his hospital bill, and no television set or solar system.

Butdoisay Comment:

My relative has fallen a victim,he was riding on a bus to shags to build his home. He had 180,000 Shillings in notes. A passenger that happened to be a lady offered him an egg, which he was glad to accept and consume. Boiled eggs look innocent, but what the crooks do is they inject them with some kind of a piriton , a sleeping pill, and as soon as you consume the boiled egg, you fall asleep, dripping a slim saliva, that hangs from your lips and back to the mouth. This is a sign of being in a dip sleep for some hours. So this is what happened to my relative, by the time he arrived, all his cash was gone and he could never remember a thing…..so guys, watch out for those boiled eggs and samosas you are offered on the bus, on your way to shags…..butdoisay…

Clay Onyango


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It’s ‘Valium’, that’s the drug they call ‘mchele’, they manage to spike you with one of those and you sleep like a log……..

This is sad always people should be aware n know that “ALL THAT GLITTERS IN NOT GOLD.

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