Men In Kenya Raping Animals, As Call Girls Earn 10,000 Shs Per Session With Animals..

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By Oscar Obonyo

Weird stories of men “raping” cows, hens and other domestic animals have been reported countrywide — the latest incident took place in Kisii last week. But now, young women are also claiming a portion of the bizarre drama.

The unnatural acts are not only shocking, horrifying and appalling, but also unbelievable, as investigations by The Standard On Saturday confirmed.

Unlike perverts who engage in deviant sex for “pleasure”, our team found out that the girls instead offer “pleasure” to animals for a fee. That bill is footed by a cartel of individuals who record the action and sell the material overseas and locally.

Although armed with tangible evidence, Kenya Films Censorship Board CEO David Pkosing is a frustrated man. Few are willing to believe him or fully join the battle, yet as he warns “real terrible things are happening to our daughters!”

That indeed it is Kenyan teenagers involved in unnatural sex is confirmed by our interviews with confidants of some of the victims and DVD, VCR tapes — in our possession — on the black market. The production is purely local. Some of the “actresses” speak Kikuyu, Kamba, Luo and Kiswahili.

Susan, who patronises a popular downtown nightspot along Nairobi’s Latema Road, says many girls are now resorting to animals for commercial sex partners since their handlers pay handsomely.

“Most of us are in this trade purely for money. Why wouldn’t I take the challenge and earn as much as Sh10,000 per session instead of Sh300 that male customers usually part with?” poses Susan. She, however, says she is yet to pluck the courage to engage in deviant sex.

Pkosing says the situation is getting out of hand as more teens — unknown to their parents — jump into the smutty trade.

He says the censorship board is handling a case involving a teenagers who has acquired a serious infection.

The teenagers usually use part of the proceeds to immediately book themselves in private hospitals where the animal semen is drained from their organs. Some evade infection but others walk away with incurable diseases.

Though thriving, the bizarre episodes are shrouded in deep secrecy and few are willing to open up. An inspector with the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA), Mr John Akumonyo, says no such incident has been reported to his organisation.

“For the last 28 years that I have worked in the animal welfare industry, no such incidents have been reported. Nonetheless, we have heard of some from the media and other people about animals mounting human beings and vice-versa,” he says.

Weird tastes

Akumonyo says because there is no tangible evidence of such reports in their records, the society treats the information as “unfounded rumours”.

But he adds: “These are dirty things which our children are copying blindly from the West. It is bad, but I am a born-again Christian and I do not wish to discuss the subject in depth.”

He says there have been tales of “Bwana Kubwa”— as some male dogs are referred within most homes in Nairobi’s plush estates — being “entertained” by local girls.

“But because nobody has come out to register a complaint with us, I think these may just be empty stories,” says Akumonyo.

Pornography, explains Pkosing, is like opium. It starts as a harmless fantasy of watching nude still pictures. Consumers of the material then gradually develop interest in hardcore stuff, which after some time they regard as normal.

The barriers

“From then on they begin to hunger for something out of the ordinary. That is when sex with animals proves more appealing,” observes Pkosing.

A host of hurdles stand in the way of the film censorship board. Its mandate does not cover newspapers, Internet and nightclubs — the greatest purveyors of porn material.

The board’s CEO met Information and Communication Minister Samuel Poghisio and urged him to put in place legislation that would empower the board to censor all pornographic material on the market.

In the meantime, the board will continue with the raids, although Pkosing argues that it is not sustainable. That is why the porn censorship team now wants to appeal to public attitudes.

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11 Responses to “Men In Kenya Raping Animals, As Call Girls Earn 10,000 Shs Per Session With Animals..”

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Hello Clay,
In as much as you are informative ,try and and also be objective.When you surmise that when one sees a thin animal in Kenya it is in your words “hiv positive” then you amongst thoase who add fuel to non factual speculative gossip.What infact you are peddling is fortification of assumptions that have hurt the fight against hiv aids in Kenya and other parts of Aferica.So lets get real ,the joke is sick.The issue of bestial sex is real and should be dealt with the seriousness it deserves.

Story Image

EXPLOSION: Particles will move at the speed of light

Wednesday September 10,2008
By Gareth Bebb for

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SCIENTISTS will today stage a mini, scaled-down version of the Big Bang.

A specially designed £3billion accelerator, which has taken thirty years to build, will smash subatomic particles together at the speed of light.

The millions of collisions will create temperatures 100,000 times hotter than the sun.

The team hope that recreating the explosion that created the world will show how the galaxy formed and how stars and planets came together.

The project has involved over 9,000 scientists, will take place in a 17-mile long underground chamber near Geneva.

The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) will begin the testing this morning on the French/Swiss border.

Project leader Lyn Evans said: “It’s been a long haul and we’re eager to get the LHC research programme underway.”
Some scientists say it may create black holes that will swallow up the planet

Some scientists have labeled the plan ‘risky’ as it may create black holes that will swallow up the planet.

CERN have refuted this, with Physicist Ulrich Straumann stating: “There are no such risks.”


Is this really happening.Gosh the world is reallycoming to an end.Shetani ashindwe.

I agree with you Tony…its a sick joke, but most of us know these practices started from the west and they are still going on,and the same goes to the animals in the west,or animals cannot get infected if one is HIV positive?Please advice…asante!!!


If this is true, can you please provide us with the source of this disturbing information? Do you by any chance have a link to any website we could read about this. It’s of no use creating panic on fellow beings. Lots of people have in the past created lots of panic focusing on end of the world, but hey! mother Earth is still going strong. Sure any fool would know that something 100 000 times hotter than the sun is definately not good for our enviroment so why would this clever people call scientist to the world to trail when they know it wont survive? I think this is a bluff unless i missed breaking news on CNN. People try not to brain wash others. Some people do buy this stories and they actually suffer tremendously from worries such knowledge gives them. Unless you have a validated document on a research done on this, then it is just a hypothesis yet to be proven. Peace to the world.

Hi Clay,it takes lots of courage to admit that the joke was off beat.Well as you and all Kenyans in Sweden know ,l am living positive and do not take kindly to distortions that help belitlle my beloved country.What should be done ,is for the authorities that are sitting pretty on this explosive issue , to be held accountable ,if they do not act then ,as accomplices in perpetrating the crimes .If the Standard Investigative team has footage of the actions,then it does not take much to track down the people involved.Does Akumonyo (whatever hole he crawled out from) expect the animals to troop as they did in Noahs days to report that they have been engaging in sexual acts with humans,on the other hand does he expect the ladies involved to report to the police when prostitution and bestality are still in our Criminal procedure code as crimes punishable not by fines but long stints behind bars.The authorities better wake up .This has been going on for along time .Its also time to begin exploring possibilities pf legalising sex workers as it has been proved that ,when organized and known ,the spread of STD’s are easily tracked and controlled.As for your query whether its possible for humans to transmit the hiv/aids virus to animals ,l checked ,there is a lot of data out there and research papers just “google” human to animal hiv/aids .Its still so confusing.Akumonyo should stop justifying the use of porn by equating to opium ,a crime is a crime period.

thanks Tony for the information,i do thank you once again for being so courageous in admitting that you are HIV positive,and you can as well advice and inform on the subject without any fear.As you continue living a normal life,may others who are also positive borrow some guts from you and spread the information and advice about HIV.Keep it real!!!

clay now this is what happens to acountry that has gone to the dogs literaly speaking,anyway cant blame the poor girls …as they say neccesity is the mother to invention….

well i’m just outraged with this.i think this imformation is exagerated and stupit,there is no tangible records or evidences to back this issue. whoever is involve in this i con’t care who you are is just seeking attention and should find something better to do other than show people how ignorant and uninformed he is.sodomy is all over the world, evil is all over the the world people are off limites that we should stop talking and actively involve ourselves implimenting positive plans and ideas into peoples mind lives.

The deeds by our girls and boys are unbelievable. Are we becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah. May the Lord help us.

Its realy true,yes its happening,i myself am a medical consultant and i have met many ladies btwn the ages of 15 and 30years with serious complications that resulted from the horeneous sexual acts with animals. I managed to ask one how and why they do it,and the response is, frustrations and peer influence were some of the major factors,i knw where these movies are recorded and edited..

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