Is African Juju Working On Madonna-“Her Health Is deteriorating!!

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Superstar Madonna

It has been reported that Modona’s health has deteroriated and doctors have not revealed what might be the cause.

Madona adopted an african boy from Malawi amid controversy and in the African way of looking at it there may be a curse from the village where she took the child from.

This, however, is only speculation, but unless doctors can say what it is that is causing Madona’s health to deteroriate, many may choose to believe that African vodoos may have taken action on the popular woman who made it to the African village and adopted a child without the blessing of many pøeople in the region.

Madona is known for high-life partying and at times shocking behaviour in the world of fame.

Her choice of Africa when she decided to adopt a child has been criticised as misconceived by many who had a hope that if she wanted to help, the best way was either build an orphanage for the many kids that suffer the same fate as the boy she adopted from the area.

Her adoption has been characterised as that of a person who is selfish and one who used the adoption to continue building her image within the famous male-female circles.

Reliable source

Butdoisay Comment: While Madonnas life is deteriorating Angelina Jolies life is Blooming!!! We wish Madonna a fast recovery though….butdoisay…

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8 Responses to “Is African Juju Working On Madonna-“Her Health Is deteriorating!!”

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African voodoo my a$$ do people still believe in witchcraft? Madonna is a woman going into her 60s and maybe it has to do with the kind of physical activities her body has to endure!

Ebony, Ebony, Ebony, don’t joke with juju, there is this kao guy in matuu who during the harshest drought spell in ukambani threw some ashes up in the sky, and believe me………… NOT……… it rained cats and dogs including thunders and lightnings in his immediate homestead, whilst the neighbours stared in amazement from their bomas, while being scorched by the sun LOL.

Odede.. si u hook me up with some… ndio i use it on Ebony..and she’ll move into my world..!!that would be a sure way to see if it works..??

LOL…Odede can you imagine how it would be if the stuff really worked? We would get rain/sun/wind et al when we wanted! Poor albinos in TZ are fearing for their lives as their body parts are being used in potions promised to make people rich…what a mystery?! Anyway poverty and ignorance somehow goes hand in hand!

@Kadinya…LOL…utajaribu nakwambia! For it to work I have to be a believer, these things are only in the mind!

Ooops I meant utangoja Kadinya!!
And while we are still at it I came across the story below in one of the Kenyan dailies and to say its a shame is an understatement and ati these are the people we entrust with running our affairs.

Surely, how could the bird move with ease when objects half its weight were tied around its legs?

Seriously speaking Ebony, i thought i heard something like that, ati albinos are being killed in TZ??????? what’s up with that?
There is also another rumour that the chinese ( i heard this on capital fm)have a powder which if i understood properly, they release in the atmosphere and it postpones rain? mmeshaskia hiyo?

simplement admirada

no!!! its not african juju!!!maybe its those
kabbalah cults she attends…period

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