Freedom Of Speech And Fairness-A Comment From Nora Odede

Posted on August 6, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Norah Odede

First and foremost, Hi clay and Family. I have a comment for Osewe, What sick pleasure does he get in writing articles about people? Actually his fellow kenyans. If he has a problem with how people behave he should pull them aside and talk to them or is he such a coward he has to hide behind a computer. Some of the things he writes on his blogg which i actually have a hard time reading from start to finish, leaves me asking myself, how old is he?.There is freedom of speech but not when you turn some peoples miseries into your sick joke.Osewe get your facts straight and stop being ignorant.Another thing is that even small kids know that you dont take pictures of people without permission and put them out on the internet, someone will sue His Ass!!!!!!!!

By Nora Odede


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One Response to “Freedom Of Speech And Fairness-A Comment From Nora Odede”

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Eh,Nyar Nam,Iwacho gima otegno.Well as you have rightly put it ,time for that school of thought has come to an end.Like l always advocate,being real is the way.Petty issues are not going to make us cohesive.Keep it up,however Osewe has a right to express his “freedoms”,but “freedom”also has its limitations.Even journalists do some thing known as self censorship.Disguising gutter press in the name of journalistic immunity is simply put ,using the bully pulpit to harangue those who have no voice.Keep it real Nora.Wangni wadino nu

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