Is Reading Your Wifes Salary Slip Interfering With Her Privacy??

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Dear readers, I came across a married couple arguing, here is the story:

The husband woke up one early morning, and went to pick up the mails from the mail box, and as he was going through the letters, he came across the wifes letter that he opened to see the wifes income that month, he never opens her letters apart from this particular day.

He was alone at that time and so he left for work. In the evening as he came home a happy man to the family, since the day was good, he met the wife at home who was furious upon seeing the husband.

He was not bothered, he said hallo to the family and went to the computer to read some mails, as he opened the computer, the wife had forgotten to log out and he came across some mails that she has been sending to some men online. And just beside the computer the wife had left her phones, and as she saw the husband next to her phones, she dashed and picked up her two phones in a hurry. The husband became suspicious and wondered why she came so fast and picked up her phones away from him.

The wife responded by,” never open my letters again!!!”, which letters ?asked the husband. You did open my salary slip this morning, and that is my private life…..wait a minute, I asked myself, is someones wife`s salary slip a private life to the husband? The husband responded by wondering why the wife asks for his money or spends his money if the salary issue was a private issue.

And why did you pick up the phones in a hurry when you saw me? Off late she has been online chatting and maybe, since she has given out her telephone number to her admirers that she has been sending pictures, the best option for the husband not to pick up her phone when it rings, is to keep away the phones, sometimes in her hand bag, just to escape to be busted. I asked myself, does`nt the wife know the importance of a mobile? How would she answer if her children, friends and relative try to reach her. Can the internet affair really make someone close contacts by keeping her phone away from herself all the time?

As they continued to argue, with no apologys nor remorse from the wife for her behaviour, one wonders what is in store for the married couple. The question still remains, is opening and reading your wifes salary slip interfering in her privacy???

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to “Is Reading Your Wifes Salary Slip Interfering With Her Privacy??”

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Hell yeahhhhhhh, she should show you if she so wishes, but unless it states To Mr and Mrs Onyango—– JUST KEEP OFF, LOL.

I think that wife should understand the rule of marriage that 2 becomes one n no secrets beside. Her refuse n quarrel has a querry 2 many.

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