Cheated woman lays bare man’s dirty lodging tricks..

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Cheated woman lays bare man’s dirty lodging tricksA man in Kondele, Kisumu, is frogmarched to police station for failure to pay “service fee.”

With Kenyans feeling the squeeze of the tough economic times, a man in Kondele, Kisumu, thought he had used deceit to enjoy free services —only to be accosted by a woman demanding payment.

“We spent a cosy Monday night together at a lodging and agreed the payment would be Sh2,000. But he sneaked out without paying,” said the woman.

However, two days later, on Wednesday, she spotted the runaway man, prompting her to hold on to him and demand her dues.



At one point, the man, who looked dazed, nearly escaped, but the determined woman would not let go.

In the process the man’s shirt was torn, embarrassing him further.

Turning her head at an angle that ensured our photographer could not capture her face, the woman decided to take the ‘defaulter’ to the nearby Kondele Police Station, after he refused to budge.

Surprisingly, thrilled passersby, mostly men, cheered her on as motorists gave way for the pair to cross the road to the police station.

“Wacha jamaa alipe. Huwezi kula kwa hoteli bila kulipa

,” shouted one of the curious onlookers. (Let the man pay. You cannot eat in a hotel and decline to pay.)

Bemused police officers watched as the man was frog marched to the station.

“Please, let us settle this matter amicably,” he begged. But the woman could have none of it, insisting she had to be paid first.

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