Goats In Kenya Wearing Metal Condoms….

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A goat fitted with the improvised contraceptive

A fine of a goat for every unwanted pregnancy might have been too expensive.

Ranchers in Kajiado whose randy he-goats and rams roam and carelessly impregnate other farmers’ she-goats and ewes had to come up with a ‘contraceptive’ to avoid the fines from village elders.

To make mating between the animals difficult, villagers have been instructed to tie plastic plates, olor, to act as condom on sexually active rams and he-goats.

This follows a prediction by elders in Namanga and Olodokolani that there could be a fierce drought that could wipe out livestock.



Residents of Kajiado, from Loitokitok to Mosiro, have taken the initiative to control reproduction of their animals to be safe from heavy losses the drought might cause. 

Once olor is tied around the neck with the plate hanging under its abdomen, the he-goats and rams find it difficult to have sexual contact with females. Kajiado DO1 Geoffrey Taragon says the move is a community volunteered initiative to prepare for harsh climatic conditions. Taragon said locals were curious as some rivers dried up.

He said that close to one third of the district livestock died during the drought in 2006 and the locals do not want to go through such agony again. “That is not a Government order, it is the community’s ‘family planning’ initiative,” Taragon said.

When The Standard toured several villages in Kajiado, most he-goats and rams had the sex-restricting gadget on.

Daniel ole Kurau, a rancher in Mashuru, said farmers resorted to the method after failing to get a medically acceptable one. The gadget has also become a sensation, attracting the interest of those driving to the Amboseli National Park through Merekani and Namanga. They stop to have a closer look at the ‘goats condom’.

One motorist said of the gadget, “My inquisitive daughter wanted to know what that gadget was and I had to lie that it was the goats’ number plate, just like our car’s.”

Realiable source.

Butdoisay comment: I wonder what the cows would do if the farmers forget the metal condoms for months on them….”they would go crazy”…they also need to ejaculate to remove the stress of eating grass without “nyam chom” as their main dish everyday….butdoisay….



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Is there one for humans too.. not a bad idea jua kali=shortskirts=trouble… i know a couple of jamma’s in stockholm who’d need one. ‘n by the way what better way to be sure ure spouse is not playin games.. should even come with a pincode,,, ukiweka wrong code thrice no sex for a year.

Kadinya, men you krayzie hahahaha

Lol….wrong pin code no sex for a year? Did you know that metals can be melted with a hot human porridge???

What is hot human porridge? Is it stored in gourds like the normal porridge?

This is a crime against nature..

Kadinya going by your name, you could do with a gadget like that…lol

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