Students Burning Schools In Kenya…

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The mayhem that has been going on in our secondary schools in the past month is wrong, criminal and unacceptable. And it must stop.

Students have been burning buildings and destroying all that stands in their path without a sense of remorse. At the weekend, a senior school prefect died in a dormitory fire at Nairobi’s Upper Hill Secondary School.

It was tragic enough that the students burnt and destroyed, but what was most noticeable was that they appeared remorseless over what they had done.

As school after school erupts, the country appears helpless and turns to past reports that have never been implemented. Education Minister Sam Ongeri was eloquent as he spelt out measures that will supposedly end the madness. But will they?

Here is a generation of young people that has rejected and spit on the sacredness of education. It is a generation that burns a school and calls students at other institutions to ask them why they, too, have not razed their dormitory, canteen or school bus.

It is a generation that wants the leeway to cheat in examinations. And when the authorities say No, they burn the symbols of that authority.

But the students are not the only guilty party. Teachers, parents and politicians, among others, are not innocent. Many parents have no idea what they are dealing with. Don’t be deceived by their looks. And when the school confronts you with the daredevil antics of your child, you are all defensive, citing the comforts you have provided.

The truth of the matter is this: You don’t know your child and you don’t know you don’t know.

Teachers are also too stuck in the past to deal with the demands of this generation. It is worrying to hear them say only legalisation of brutality will bring the students back on the path of discipline. Wrong! Modern education demands understanding of the student and the pupil. Only then can their concerns be known, understood and dealt with.

Reliable source.

Butdoisay comment: During our days, we would not dare touch a lighter in the dormitories, coz we would suffer the pain of the cane. Nowadays, these students in Kenya are let to be coz they know there is a system that will cry for them if they are punished. Believe me, the best discipline to these school students is the cane….and dont say its not, coz we were brought up by the cane and you can see some discipline in us, for those who know us….so start caning them, suspend them from school or even expel them until they learn some manners….butdoisay…


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One Response to “Students Burning Schools In Kenya…”

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Wait a minute, we can’t go back to caning our little brothers and sisters just because it worked on us,(one mans meat another mans poison) times have changed, that will be like suggesting to Americans to stop using dollars coz it’s unstable and start barter trading(hey, it worked 4 their ancestors).
Our young ones are just aping what we grown ups do when we can’t solve our problems, turn to violence and mayhem. Wasn’t it six months ago we were burning our neighbours houses and killing each other over disputed elections? What we need to do is start getting rid of our dinosaur politicians who are brainless and have gone past sell by date. How about starting by Prof Ongeri the Min 4 education, who suggests that we barn all mobile phones in schools, remove dvd’s and music systems from buses in schools as a way of stopping these acts.How will that help?
I’m not suggesting we detain them in school like they do here in Europe or US(detention), truth be told , i don’t even have a solution but, what about trying to have students form something like a student body union, elected by students themselves, and they can work in conjuction with teachers on how the school should be run. It might enforce more trust between teachers and students and even reduce the work of our almost defunct fire department.

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