Men Undergoing A Violent Transition As Kenyan Girls Find Instant Love…

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Connie walked into the studio as a groupie would walk into a concert — her palms were sweaty and her breath pacey. She was finally going to meet her superstar in his element- rehearsing his upcoming gospel album. As a marketer, she had asked to see him so she could share some of her ideas on selling his music. But she made that up because she had a crush on him. He had readily accepted.

She found him in earphones, humming and crooning, singing and wailing. He gave her a cursory glance and motioned to her to sit. When he was done, the greeting came,

“What’s the shortest way into your pants?”

Choke, gasp, swallow, stare.

“Pardon me…” she exhaled

“I’m serious. I want you. I want to (Expletives and profanities omitted)”

She waved her hands next to his eyes ” Praise the Lord, brother.”

” Yes. Praise the Lord. So, when are we getting it on? You’re a fly and tough chic and I am attracted to power.”

“You’re a celeb. People out there expect you to keep it together. What happened? Power in your head?” she asked

“I’m tired of being superman. I just want to be me… to have the nice things and not fear. I like my freedom. “

Intrigued by what she heard from this saved guy, Connie asked me for advice. She had always liked him. And here he was, ready for her. He never, like many, hid his bid for sex behind words like friendship, caring, and relationship. The offer of a romp with a randy rookie and with no strings attached was tempting, but she couldn’t help thinking that something had come undone for the musician. He had changed, from a chaste Christian to a hedonistic brute overnight.

Connie had witnessed a violent rebirth. The guy, a renowned gospel artist, was at the time, cracking his shell. And boy was he a crackhead! “I have issues I know. But for now, my answers are not in the church with the lambs. They are out here, with the wolves,” he confessed.

Violent transitions. When people break free from constraints and cocoons and spread their wings, ready to explore different, dangerous places, they become daredevils. People change for many reasons.

A sweet guy struggles to pay for his girlfriend’s university degree. He scrimps and scrounges to give her a decent life on campus. He takes her on holidays and has to teach her how to board a plane without flight-fright. He introduces her to all his friends as his ‘educated’ woman. Then on graduation day, her lecturer drives in in his Hummer, and she hugs him tighter than is academically appropriate. Before long, the girl is gone, and the sweet guy retreats into his cocoon, hurt. When he hatches again, it will be with a chip on his shoulder, to give women as good as he got. Another Casanova, bad boy, has been born.

You’ve seen them. Men who drink themselves silly when just a month ago, thy were teetotallers. Softies who turn into loud and aggressive men who feel the need to cut everyone to size and criticise everything. They pick fights at the slightest provocation at the bar, at the office, in the family. A man thinks that every woman is out to get knocked up and secure child support just because his high school sweetheart trapped him by getting pregnant. Others spew venom on anything religious because they went to a strict Catholic school where they had to carry relics, chant and learn prayers by rote. Or altar boys who for some reason start to drag everything in a skirt home. These guys have pent up energy and it is easy to spot them because they are self-destructive. They have a score to settle. They go to extremes in anything. They are selfish, but they don’t care about themselves or anyone else. They don’t get out of their own heads long enough to see other people’s needs. Ladies who cross their paths can get scorched and scarred for life. They may make your adrenaline rush for a while, because they are so raw — they can say and do just about anything without batting an eyelid. They are mean and selfish, and women are attracted to such men, to the sense of danger and the possibility of changing the men with love. But don’t be deceived. As Friar Lawrence In Romeo and Juliet would say, ‘These violent delights have violent ends’. Many have tried and failed. Many who got sucked in by such men did not live to tell.

If, God forbid, you should find yourself attracted to such a guy, here’s how to keep your wits about you.

When guys are in transition, they are contesting the post of God. They think they are the be all and end all. They think they know everything. And everybody else is a nitwit. Poke into his bubble by challenging his views. So he thinks all women are users? Or that God is dead, ‡ la Nietzsche. Do not join him on his nihilistic spree. Be composed instead.

Don’t commit to them. Just be friends with them. Once you commit and spend all day at his house watching movies and interrogating him about his life, you become boring and give him the cue to trash you like props after a performance. Keep it exciting, but from a distance. Allow him to hunt you, so don’t nag with endless gooey texts. He’s looking for adventure, so don’t give all of yourself to him — appetiser, main dish, dessert — all in one serving. If you do, be ready to lose him….butdoisay.

By Millie G

Butdoisay comment: The last bit is a Good advice to the instant lovers…KEEP IT EXCITING FROM A DISTANCE, ALLOW HIM TO HUNT YOU WHILE ENJOYING HIS DOUGH!!!…buttoyouisay…


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