Time And Date Of The Letter Sent By The Jailed Kenyan To Butdoisay…

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Fw: apology to kenya embassy and the stuff for being‏
From: peterson kinyua (petersonru2002@yahoo.com)
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Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008 2:12:00 AM
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To: clayonyango@hotmail.com

Dear readers, according to Osewe that Butdoisay fabricated the letter from Peterson the Kenyan in jail, I hereby enclose his original letter before i edited it, with his help. Osewe should produce the evidence that shows that the Kenya embassy has been bribed by the Swedish authorities to deport Peterson. And again this is not my war, but since am publishing Petersons articles on butdoisay, I will always come under attack by Osewe, but you know what, that wont stop me from publishing any articles from my readers as long as they have the truth in them, and am not scared by anyone!!!…..read below an original letter from Peterson before he called me to edit….butdoisay does not lie……still on holiday in Milan,Italy, but  still on the look…..butdoisay..  responding to an article on a blog.

> hallo,
> iam really shocked..... to hear that the kenya embassy is
> so disturbed and backing away from me.. as per there
> knowlege and thinking that iam behind giving information to
> be published or written in the blog......sorry!!!! for your
> attention...iam not part and percel of the issue cause iam
> not???....how they were attacked by osewe.first of all i
> would like to inform all the people working in the kenya
> embassy specially the ambassad and also people like
 daniel kotut...whom i have never met and i dont know him either 
so how in the name could i even dare accuse air...and the rest
> that you should know that i have no clue what so ever to
> attact the kenya embassy in anyway and as i belive you can
> not kill the cow that gives you milk...anyway....i mean
> does it make sence knowing that you are being attacked and
> iam coming in smilling and asking for help...i could not
> even at first called to talk to anyone..as i do until
> today...but iam doing so....cause iam not aware of
> this..... cause iam not part of any.... and to my knowlege
> i have never written any letter to anyone to accuse
> the ambassador or any stuff....... and the rest...and i
> have not requested anyone to do so. .i was misslead and
> taken blind
> and that i have no clues of what is going on there as iam
> not part of it.iam blind as i could say and what ever iam
> fed with i take it direct to my mouth as i dont know who to
> belive and who to listen.as i remember i was in good contact
> with the ambassador...and the stuff..and i should like it to
> continue like that and with respect...infact we used to
> communicate on the same issue with the ambassador...and we
> have been as i should say in good excelent contact and she
> gave me good addvice that i was following until when i had
> this romours that the embassy roof is on fire...i belive
> and i trust that the ambassador is not just seatting there
> and her team just drinking ketepa..chai and by the way at
> office hours who dosent take a cup of coffee at work or
> even ciggarett break...even clay drinks coffee in the
> office and i have never seen or had that clay was in the
> blog because he was drinkinh coffee at working hours..and
> by the way those who dont understand
> why we drink coffee between working hours..cause its
> quality time....heh.. heh..its known all over the world not
> only... kenya embassy here in stockholm..i mean my fellow
> kenyans who dosent take coffee...so anyway for me please i
> would like to be cleared away from this issue cause i have
> said nothing to nobody and i never authorised nobody to do
> anything...only thing i did was the way i do it to call the
> embassy ask for help thats all and thats my limits..... read
> my lips...sorry to anyone who could have thought iam behind
> this i mean who dosent know himm.....
> i ask for apology of being mistaken...lets keep in touch
> like usual and i respect that......
By Peterson Murimi Kinyua.

PS.Please read Miltons article on butdoisay regarding Peterson and inform us if really Milton 
attacked Peterson in any way...

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Clay hii mtu yako inaonekana is playing mind games. Enjoy your holiday!

Hmmm,could petersson be trying to please everyone? just a thought.

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