Nigerians Selling “MAVI” (human excrement) For Business..

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Here there are people who make a living selling it and there are of course ready buyers who get full value for their money.

“We collect the excrement here for sale. When we collect it, we sell it for money and we collect the money. We sell a measure for between 50 and 60 naira (about 50-60 cents) and collect the money,” he said.

“The price has been going up because the traders go through a lot of hardship before they can collect it and bring it here,” he said. One hardship the traders go through is the stench they are confronted with when they collect the human waste from the dump sites.
I asked Isa Idi whether those who come here have lost their sense of smell.
“We smell it. We smell it, but we try to bear it,” he laughed.

Anyone like Isa Idi who can bear the stench will go laughing to the bank for, despite the stench and the rising cost, the farmers still find the commodity far cheaper and more readily available than other forms of fertiliser.

The poor disposal of human waste in Kano guarantees a steady supply of the commodity to the farmers.

More harm than good

But environmentalists and health experts, such as Doifie Ola of Environmental Rights Action, says this poor disposal system in the city is doing more harm than good.

“It is wrong at this stage of our nation’s history that you have such a crude method of waste disposal, giving rise to such hazards like dysentery” he said.

“Humanity has grown over the years and at each stage, man has found a way to domesticate nature and advances have been made, you will expect that a town as civilised as Kano ought to have reached that level of advancement.”

For now, the buying and selling of human waste in Kano continues.

It is likely that someday, a better waste disposal method will be found.

When this happens, it is sad to imagine that people like Isa Idi, the trader will be out of a job while farmers like Husaini Audu will have nothing to use on their farms.

Reliable source

Butdoisay comment; Finally the nigerians have come up with a business better than the nigerian letter that is used to con people….Congrats!!! Can somebody open a “WASTE”-ERN UNION SO THAT WE CAN BE SENDING FAECES TO NIGERIA FOR BUSINESS…


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