Kenya Embassy Has Nothing To Do With The Jailed Gentleman-Says Achika

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I would like to know how he actually got to sweden and applied for citizenship, could it be that he sought asylum in Sweden and after some time applied for and was granted citizenship? What if the circumstances under which he sought asylum are no longer considered serious to warrant protection from the Swedish govt, could they revoke the citizenship? The fact remains that it is the right of a state to grant and revoke citizenship. As for demanding answers from the Kenyan embassy, the gentleman is no longer a Kenyan so diplomatically kenya has nothing to do with him.

If Tanzania wants him, they are welcome to him. He should be grateful at least some country wants him.

By Achika.

Butdoisay comment. To attack the Kenyan ambassador and the embassy even when they are not involved in this kind of a case is  too immature and uncalled for, we are only ruining the reputation of Kenyans in Sweden and the entire nation. Why dont we be good ambassadors of Kenya? The ambassador has only a few years to go , but the bad reputation and image of Kenyans in Sweden will still remain.

As in the other cases, not any single attack on the ambassador and the embassy or any petition has given birth to her being recalled, and in any case, it makes the embassy and the ambassador more popular and lovable by Kenyans in Sweden. Has`nt the ambassador done any good really?  I have some evidence to prove that she has received letters from some Kenyans and other people thanking her for the help and support she provided. Give credit to where it belongs, “BE GOOD AMBASSADORS OF KENYA!!!!.”….BUTDOISAY..

Clay Onyango.


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One Response to “Kenya Embassy Has Nothing To Do With The Jailed Gentleman-Says Achika”

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Achika’s comments warrant a reply and also a deeper analysis of this most interesting case of Mr. Petersson.
What are the facts presented to Kenyans in Stockholm as presented by the Blogs? As I list them below my observations and comments follow thereafter:
1. Petersson is being held by the police for crimes that have yet to be specified and established.
– Only Petersson and the Swedish authorities know the truth of this matter. Sweden is not a banana republic like some would have us believe. Due process is followed to the letter albeit the institutional racism that plagues and permeates the judicial system. In other words Petersson would have to appear before a court, be judged and sentenced. As a result, serve time and or lose his citizenship before being deported to his home country Kenya. This is not necessarily right or legal but it is the trend in Sweden, and Scandinavia as a whole. (see point 4)
2. Petersson is a naturalized Swedish national and immigration has stripped him of his citizenship.
– In my opinion, the how and why Petersson came to Sweden is personal and the question should be directed to him not thrown about on a public forum. What is relevant is the fact that the Swedish state granted him citizenship since he had fulfilled the prerequisites necessary. Swedish law allows one can hold more than one nationality and the Swedish authorities use this fact as a loophole to strip Swedes of foreign extraction of their citizenship. I call it a loophole since they are most certainly aware that many countries of which these peoples originate from do not advocate to having multiple citizenships, as in the case of Kenya. The withdrawal of Petersson’s Swedish citizenship renders him stateless, with all the legal ramifications thereof.
3. The Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm has turned a blind eye to Petersson’s predicament.
– The Kenyan Embassy has behaved correctly in this case. Let no one tell you or convince you otherwise. Petersson is (was) a Swedish national and at the moment of being bestowed Swedish citizenship gave up his Kenyan one as stipulated by Kenyan law. The Kenyan Embassy can therefore not be seen to act in any manner that does not reflect this state of affairs. Basically any intervention would have to be done at a personal level. On the other hand Petersson has the option of re-applying for his Kenyan citizenship and have the full support of the Kenyan Government and by extension the Kenyan Embassy. Any sane and balanced person can come to this logical conclusion. So why is the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm under siege and severe attack? My two cents is that this is a personal crusade, most probably a crusade for power and recognition and the personal benefits accrued in gaining the same. As in all such crusades innocent and sometimes naïve people are used unscrupulously as pawns to be discarded afterwards like used toilet paper. Consider the post election violence in Kenya early this year. Tribal killings disguised as “the fight for democracy” and yet despite all deaths, it is business as usual today. It was basically another power struggle where Kenyans were used yet again as pawns and mindless idiots by those that see them as such. This has only one name and that is servitude. It is high time we as Kenyans learn to decipher and recognize attempts at being recruited for battles and wars that do not benefit us whatsoever as Kenyans.
4. Petersson has been offered compensation in an attempt to repatriate him quietly without fuss.
– Why I’m I not surprised? The Swedish authorities have no other choice than to cajole Petersson with offers of money into following along quietly without making a fuss. Without Swedish citizenship, Petersson is a stateless person and must have a travel document to facilitate his deportation. The Swedes do know how corrupt we Kenyans are, to our shame, and getting Petersson to Kenya seems to the least of their worries, if Petersson can accept the terms offered. Judging from what has been reported in the Blogs the Swedish authorities have an impasse, with no cooperation form either Petersson or the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm. Those of you that have been around in Stockholm a while (a long while!) will remember the case of Lumumba who was a promising boxer, once ranked second to Evander Holyfield in the light heavyweight bracket. He unfortunately fell into bad company and served time after which deportation followed. The interesting thing about Lumumba’s case was that he too was a Swedish national and stripped of his citizenship. What baffles Kenyans here and in Kenya even today is the fact that he was deported, being stateless and accepted into Kenyan territory at JKIA. Reliable sources at the time confirmed that travel papers had been issued by Kenyan authorities to enable the Swedish state apparatus to deport Lumumba. Unconfirmed reports went further with claims that money had exchanged hands in Stockholm to procure the said travel documents.
In Petersson’s case the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm must be congratulated for the backbone shown and diplomatic skill in resisting what must be tremendous pressure from all sides with interests in the case. This will go a long way to ensuring impartiality.

My hope is that we as Kenyans, especially the bloggers, would bring pressure to bear on the Swedish apparatus that has been deporting stateless people over the years instead of putting their fellow Kenyans under the microscope at every opportunity that presents itself, real or imagined. We really must begin to look out for each other. Umoja ni nguvu!
I sincerely hope Petersson finds and receives the justice he seeks.

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