“You Are Not A Kenyan When You Change Your Kenyan Citizenship”

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I spoke to the Kenyan come Swedish that was stripped of his Swedish citizenship yesterday, and some of the questions I asked are: If a Kenyan citizen changes his citizenship to another, like Swedish, and since Kenya does not allow a dual citizenship, do you still become a Kenyan citizen when your Swedish citizenship is revoked after many years???

Kenyans who are willing to change their citizenship to other nationalities should read the rules and regulations very well before surrendering their nationality. They should observe that, they require visas to visit Kenya, since they are not Kenyans anymore, and incase of any problems, they should contact the Swedish embassy or the swedish authorities.

I cannot understand why the Swedish authorities revoked the said Kenyans citizenship, and according to him he has not done any big offence to deserve such a punishment.

SHOULD THE KENYA EMBASSY INTERVENE: I personally think, the Kenya embassy has nothing to do with this issue, since the Kenyan had changed his Kenyan citizenship to Swedish, the only thing the embassy can do is deny him entry visa into Kenya, where the Swedish authorities wants to deport him. The embassy can only intervene when the Swedish authorities apply for his entry visa or otherwise.

When I spoke to him, he mentioned that the Swedish authorities have requested the Tanzanian authorities if they can deport him to Tanzania instead, and they have been granted a green light by the Tanzanians, though its not confirmed yet. More news to come as soon as we hear from him. As someone said….He would better sue the swedish authorities big deal, for detaining him without any charges according to him!!!…..”NAJIVUNIA KUWA MKENYA”..NA WEWE JEE??…BUTDOISAY..

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to ““You Are Not A Kenyan When You Change Your Kenyan Citizenship””

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Butdoisay, do you become a Tanzanian? I think what the Swedes are doing here is very wrong. What right do they have to dump someone in a foreign country. Did they seek asylum for this ex-kenyan in TZ. But still if it is an asylum it´s the kenyan to seek it himself not the Swedish govt. I wonder, this Kenyan don’t have friends here, coz if he did I think a demonstration to his favour would maybe help him. What do you think???? I think they are acting against human rights and ripping this guy of his rights.

I would like to know how he actually got to sweden and applied for citizenship, could it be that he sought asylum in Sweden and after some time applied for and was granted citizenship? What if the circumstances under which he sought asylum are no longer considered serious to warrant protection from the Swedish govt, could they revoke the citizenship? The fact remains that it is the right of a state to grant and revoke citizenship. As for demanding answers from the Kenyan embassy, the gentleman is no longer a Kenyan so diplomatically kenya has nothing to do with him. If Tanzania wants him, they are welcome to him. He should be grateful atleast some country wants him.

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