Kenyan Facing Deportation Being Offered 6200 Kronor To Leave Sweden….

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The  Kenyan citizen that was due to be deported to Kenya early today, 19 June 2008, was being offered 6200 Kronors plus ticket to leave on his own accord. He avoided deportation by insisting to know why he was being deported, and according to him, it seems like the immigration department was not aware of his deportation.

He reckons that if the Kenya embassy intervenes by just making a call to find out why they are deporting him, the deportation might be revoked. He is being held at the camp in Stockholm, but with access to a mobile phone.

The Kenyan has been living in Sweden for over 15 years and according to him, he holds a Swedish passport and a child, its not very clear why he is being deported or why the Swedish goverment revoked his citizenship.

When the Kenyan called butdoisay, he mentioned that if  they would add a few zeros…at least 62000 Kronors, he would take off to Kenya and start some little business to survive.

All in all we wish him all the best, and we do hope the Kenya embassy will somehow assist him, at least to find out why he is being deported.

Clay Onyango.


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6 Responses to “Kenyan Facing Deportation Being Offered 6200 Kronor To Leave Sweden….”

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There is no room for this kind of information in the Swedish Law, Unless you commit crimes like murder. But still you can start bisuness at any level, if you never want to wait forever.


Yawa….huyu ni nani na alido nini kwani? Things are elephant!

Just another reminder that this ain’t our f—-in country, how comes someone with a swedish passport gets it revoked and gets deported to C.O.B? What happens if a ‘Swede’ commits the same crime, will he be deported to—— i don’t know? coz in principle this country belongs to the SAMI’s, methinx.

” Ett beviljat Svenskt medborgarskap kan ALDRIG återkallas. Inte ens om det förvarvats under felaktiga förutsättningar”

Gosh! This ex-Kenyan must av done something really big? But then again no matter how big it is, under swedish immigration laws, swedish citizenship can never be recalled. I think this Kenyan should appeal big time, it seems the swedish goverment has acted in away that is non acceptable following there laws of order. How big can there crimes be??? I think this is just another racism act in a racist society.
When are these fools going to realise that we are a part and parcel of this society? We spend our youth helping them build their society yet all they can see is the colour of one’s skin. Imagine if the taxes we are paying here were to be sent back home to help develop our countries!! The international bodies do good, after all these white people steal alot from us. All in all I think this guy should find a good lawyer to help him sue the people or the part of the goverment involve in this, even if it is the police department. I think medborgarskaps lagen should be on his side racism put aside.
Just another diasporan:

Guys, stop speculations. This case is deeper and more complicated than you may all imagine.

hi Therese, seems like you know some hidden stories about this issue, can you please tell us what u know,butdoisay would really appreciate…

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