Who Said Madaraka Day Was Low Key?It Was A Pilot Project For Unity In Stockholm!!

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Jameni! It’s not just to criticize our Ambassador for no reason at all. I find it provocative and un wanted to see our fellow blogger community aggressively attacking the Embassy for the sake of doing it. You are not tough enough because you attack. Maybe you haven’t known what cowardice is.

Purity met and spoke with almost all individuals. She exposed the urge to see all of us and talk to us as individuals.Like all other mothers, Purity played with our kids, in fact she played with my Sokoyian. I saw her desire and interest to let Kenyans enjoy the little kingdom we own in Sweden.

Official Stockholm  Marathon winners, the trio that swept Sweden from all its summer Stockholm marathon joined Diaspora Kenyans to celebrate the Mandaraka Day. Again I spoke and interacted, I also saw brother Clay socializing with them. We were definitely not in some kind of dark corner as was told by the kenyastockholm blogger.

I was very satisfied that we did not hire some gigantic hotel when we have such a beautiful dynasty with such a tantalizing view. Moreover, you couldn’t avoid the sense of liberty when you think of the Kenya who came with the idea of buying the premises Kenya house occupies. He must have been a good nationalist

In his newly updated personal domain after “divorcing” WordPress,,a fellow blogger writes that the “Saidimu Ole Ngais was spotted at a corner as was Clay Onyango, Vincent Odede and Mrs Mary Muirani “

I let down this invitation to an uncalled warfare.I try in my capacity to put the record right. A Proudly Kenyan. Mrs Muirani wore a spectacular African attire as well as her lovely girls. Looking at them,they were simply a brilliant powerful site. Vincent is not such a tiny being, is he?

The Embassy did not attack anybody this time. The reconciliation, in Kenya and in Diaspora, that is taking place now is crucial to avoid the same mess like the one we experienced in the last general election. Unfortunately, if the fundamental resolutions are not confronted in time, the same scenario is guaranteed to repeat itself.

The current embassy is a grand coalition of the opposition and the Kibaki’s block. The 2007 election mess that left more than 1000 Kenyans dead, left us with no more better than what we have. To prevent the same mistake, we must all be prepared to compromise. This doesn’t mean giving up our democracy and human rights but unhealthy pride.

We need to capture good moments, give us a break, and identify our problems. We need a constitutional based solution to our national problems. This will be possible if Kenyans of all caliber can participate in solving our social cultural relation problems. Doing this, will even stimulate our patronizing each other.

The Embassy represents our sovereignty in Sweden and Scandinavia. In my long conversation with Ambassador Purity,I confirmed that we can all box each other before we realize that we are all individuals.

A wonderful little step, a great way forward and an indication for unity in the Kenyan house when Ambassador Purity mingled with Kenyans. Personally, I was delighted to have been able to talk with Ambassador for more than 45 minutes. We had a few interceding but we took up the conversation smoothly. Everybody wanted to talk to Purity and shone the whole occasion with a caring touch.

The occasion was waited for. Kenyans were so good, so much in need to see each other and talk to each other.

That was a one day that no one would wish to have missed it. If you missed it, you are certain to regret the best moments we had. It was easy to access the Ambassador, the food was delicious, the drinks were served cold alcohol was moderately consumed. The national anthem was sang and the one man gitar presented the zilizopendwa in a style prompted to pronounce “Hatutaki matata Kenya instead of Hakuna matata kenya.

Children played with their fathers and mothers had an extra supervision ,one would argue that it is all natural for mother to care so much more that the fathers.

I was happy to see Pastor Samson Kariuki playing football with his sons, at least he waited 7 years to do that. God bless you brother.

Unfortunately, our photographer Man Keegan was not able to attend the occasion due to a bad flue.


Olengais Jeff


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3 Responses to “Who Said Madaraka Day Was Low Key?It Was A Pilot Project For Unity In Stockholm!!”

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Hello butdoisay,l am yet to understand what this fellow is sayin.In my optnion Madaraka dy is and shpuld be for all ,even some did not attend ,it does not follow that they boycotted.Time is up for wannabe leadersto stop using forums available to coral everyody into a constituency .I think for the first time am dissappointed with the level of constructive conversation.Stockholm is lagging in any meaningful engagement ,it comes as no suprise thatsome of have delusional perceoptions of boycotts and others of pilt projects.Lets wake and be real .But is it always said

@Tony Odera, Nothing will change unless Kenyans in Sweden do the check point of their status, desisting from being repreented in their decisions collectively, and being drawn in mad sand, by some individuals who have eliminated themselves.
Kenyans living in Sweden permanently/partially are here for different reasons as they boaded planes differently on different tickets, for different purposes.
Why would they let their decisions and trust be presented collectively as boycotters of Madaraka Day!!!
I thought the quest for Democracy in Sweden is Unique, that grown up people, have their own alternative options and can resist, from being drawn into darkness collectively.
On Madaraka Day, the Kenyan Embassy/Ambassador, served it`s purpose well, Those Happy Kenyans who attended, have but one thing to say! That they dined on good food and wine, Thanks to you……. Olengais Jeff and the Her Hon, The Ambassador.


Hello ZIP,
Its a blessing that you say ita it should be said.I would be happy if you got in touch ans then we engage,you know my name what about yours, but do i say

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