Madaraka Day Invitation By The Embassy In Stockholm

Posted on May 28, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

To celebrate Madaraka Day, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya
H.E. Mrs. P.W. Muhindi & Dr. J.K. Muhindi

Request the pleasure of the company of Kenyans

at a Reception

on 1st June, 2008, from 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Venue: Kenya House – Nacka

N.B.: For directions, please call the Embassy on 08.218300


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6 Responses to “Madaraka Day Invitation By The Embassy In Stockholm”

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Ali baba i see you finally got your thumb out of your a#¤¤%&/.. what a short memory you have, i think just from the last embassy occasion celebrating jamhuri day you were the one who almost got knocked the f#%#” out, now your ready to cause more trouble, last six months have been about how bad the embassy and it’s staff, why didn’t you say that you only needed a meal, worst of all you attacked an inocent widow. and now all of a sudden change of heart. You would like to thank the ambassador for what again?? Aint she the bad one?? are you just trying to suck up just for free drinks and some mrenda on sunday. Grow up, shortie hope to see you there enjoying your self.
PS: We have not forgotten, Shameless twat!

Big tings agwan!

oj oj oj,,and i almost forgot you ‘Headmaster’ according to Hon.Otieno you are not a kenyan!!! You are just a soort swedis.

though as shameless as the other twat you will be the first to arrive with you camera of course.
the invite goes out to kenyans read that well. Why don’t you have any opinion now?? sorry i forgot you have a big big project. hope you make some money this time. You’ve been giving red cross compe- ohh just remembered the embassy is at your mercy they are enjoying a period of tranquility. (hope i spelt that right) i will do masahihisho later. Does you new project have anything to do with fighting for womens rights? hope to see you too, come and enjoy our kenyan fruíts. Those are our taxes just incase you will be wondering. Madaraka to you twat!

Big tings r gwan!

Kanapoleon has started a discussion forum..we should all join and make him happy!…lol…its actually a nice place to air our grievances.

@Big-buoy..its all talk, lets wait and see the missiles being acquired…ati the ambassador has been warned?! LMAO….

Of course headdie will be there taking pics for “evidence” for his blog.. yeah lets all go and take it all …..yaani un leash out on his blog…lakini use big big words and you will have your msg on the board LOL.

BTW did y’all go to the 7s in Twickenham ama it was just bra bra bra(blah blah blah)

@Big-buoy. Who let the dogs out???…But… please stop this nonsense!!!Please…Stop this ridiculous ultimutum.


Woi… it’s a sad day in stockholm, ‘the headmaster’ won’t attend the Madaraka day celebration. Je chakula kitakulika.?? Actually for me that’s reason to celebrate feels like 1963 all over again. Be gone Mzungu,,, na Ashindwe Headmaster.. pepo mbaya!

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