Butdoisay Can Joke With Its Friends Without Any-ones Consent!!!

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Last week, butdoisay published a humourous joke about a friend named Beryl, and if you read that article, thats if you are not illitrate or maybe depressed in life, you would understand what that joke meant, after clicking the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6nXbjhQr-I .Beryl herself never complained, if she was the same beryl I meant, I NEVER mentioned her surname by the way, it would have meant any other Beryl apart from the one you know, there are many Beryls in diaspora, I suppose.

And all the same, I can joke with my friends on my blog as much as i want without their consent or anybodys consent, its not the first time I have done that, I have joked with Mberi and Kajoe on butdoisay, and no one ever complained, we are not going to live in this country like Zombies, whereby we will be controlled by any individual or by other people who think they are above others…. I dont have to please anybody by what am writing and the best way for you to avoid heartaches if you cannot swallow a humour ,is to avoid reading my blog, like i avoid reading other blogs. Here is Beryls comment on the article:…”Ningependako kurudisha shukrani kwa Wakenya wote, the International community, the group of imminent African personalities, the mediation group, all the Kibera, Korogocho, mathare, Kisumu, Riftvalley etc residents and all the kenyans in the diapora for making my dream come true. Actually when I received this wonderful news, I was sitted in my 6×6 bed in my quite spacious bedroom watching my plasma TV..(the one in the bedroom. I promise to serve all Kenyans, even ‘Mukami and her family’ with commitment and dedication.Ya Mwisho, ningependako kutuma salamu kwa dungu yangu Clay na pipi yake Lissy wakiwa hapo mtaa wa tensta massive. Ningependako kuwa ulisa….kale kang’ombe kenyu kanaitwa Sapina pado kako???????????? Why did Beryl not get angry??? Answer: She understood the joke……kwa hivyo pili pili usiyo kula yaku washia nini? Once again, mind your own blog and business….butdoisay…”REMEMBER BUTDOISAY AND FRIENDS HAVE NO TIME TO FUME” .

Clay Onyango.


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7 Responses to “Butdoisay Can Joke With Its Friends Without Any-ones Consent!!!”

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Yaah.. I was fooled but I still believe that sky is the limit for Berly and the dream should linger on..even above PNU/ODM to UN and so on.

Unacheza na headmaster wewe? His friends and fans are now going to set up a forum, they are introducing multi party democracy in the blogs. The ambassador should be very afraid.


During our meeting and discussions on saturday at Linda’s place, while the article on Clay’s blog was brought up by you and Tonny Odera I dont remember authorizing anyone to retaliate on my behalf!

I request that you dont publish stuff about me (and with both my names) unless consent is given. There was a joke attatched to Clay’s article unlike yours that is purely confrontational and for your info….as much as I was surprised by the article and the subsequent calls and messages, I did buy into the joke. If at all he was ill-meaning in anyway with his article, let ME be the one to deal with it. I have my own back and dont need you or any other blogger to ‘defend’ my position. If I see the need and deem it necessary I CAN PERSONALLY confront Clay!!!!!

If you may, take down the article, u have a choice though to keep it up, whatever makes your day.


My family and I laughed after reading the posting about my fat job offer….didnt think it was a big deal…still dont think so and pliz for anyone wondering I have the capacity to defend myself and get confrontational should there be need. I aint no victim so please dont treat me as one. Clay if I had hard feelings I would have DEFINATELY let you know….am cool.

It was a bad joke because headmaster said so!…lol…am guessing the thought of someone else getting a post with ODM before him got him furios but then he makes it look like everyone else was caught by surprise..aaarrggghhh! Am wondering, since it was Clay who posted the article on his blog why did people not call and confirm from him personally? Aiii…kwani how slow are people?

@Mama so & so, you were fooled because you did not read the entire post..haha

@Beryl…Who let the Dogs out…???

Mennnnn……..Shit hit the fan llllooollllllllll. Headie ame-Jamu!!!! weeeee mtakipata pata!!!!!

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