Shame On You Scum Africa!!!

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In the beginning most ‘okayed’ crimes was mostly to the whites, now it has all gone out of control.The crime rates in South Africa have spiralled out of control and when youths are arrested they have rights that seem to protect them, and fooliticians who are quick to play the blame game. (i.e Poor education during apartheid thus the ignorance), forgetting that the taking of any body’s life is the ultimate sin. Some South african minister even said that those who can’t stand the crime rates to move out of the country. And for that he becomes some kind of hero? This is basically the same situation in our country, and if we are not careful we will end up finishing ourselves. just change the text from foreigners to kikuyus, and you will realise we are all but the same. Play tribal politics, you are in, play your part as a service provider, you are out. The ANC leader Zuma supposedly washed of the H.I.V virus from his fimbo after sleeping with an infected relative without using protective gumboots(True story). Those are the (mis)leaders that will lead us into future progress as a people. Some Kenyan foolitians are now advocating for the release of murderers who they chose to call freedom fighters. And the support they will get for this is soo great that trying reasoning it out only makes you feel stupid and frustrated. Weren’t politicians supposed to be guided by the constitution and adhere to the laws of their respective countries? I guess Africans have become masters and champions of the so called “Blame games”. Look into any Kenyan paper and all that you will read is the blaming game at top speed. B.T.W, who do we blame now that your blog has overtaken Ali Baba’s blog stats?
As Odede put it, “Shame on you scum Africa”.

Jeuri for butdoisay…


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