Never Try To Teach A Luo English-They Read It All…

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Onyango drives into a service station in his battered Volkswagen, clad in shorts, All-Stars, funky beard and i-spoti(small hat). He hands the attendant the keys complete with a beautiful Tupac keyring:

Onyango: “jasna tank-Super” (jaluo means fillup the tank!)

Attendant: “How much?”

Onyango: “Omera adwaro petrol mar super full tank?” – Meaning, hey I said fill up the tank!

Attendant: “I only speak English!”

Onyango: “No problem. Good day to you Sir. I currently feel a profound desire to replenish the propellant of my motorized vehicle. Therefore, I cordially request you to transfer, from your subterranean reservoir, a sufficient quantity of the combustible fluid of the highest octane rating to fill the appropriate receptacle of the said means of perambulation to the brim.”

Attendant: “YAWA?”

Onyango: “Do you have a problem Sir? I thought you said you spoke only English?”

Attendant: “English? That is not English!”

Onyango: ” My dear Sir, are you veritably attempting to insinuate that you do not even recognise the language which you allege to be your singular means of communication?”

By Ebony

Butdoisay comment. Ebony nichokose tu….mbona haukutumia jina ingine,why Onyango? shuga maisa…


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