A Black Man

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Why is it that a Black Man can create a tiny piece called a filament
(electric light – Lewis Latimer)

That allows people to see in the dark?

But can’t be seen fit to lead a country to the true light.

Why is it that a Black Man can create an instrument (clock – Benjamin

Banneker) that all People use to tell time?

But people don’t think it is time for him to run a country.

Why is it that a Black Man can design a place for the high authorities to

meet in & a place for the President to live in (The Capital & the

White House Phillip Reid (a slave) & Pierre L’Enfant)?

But not good enough to lead these meetings or live in himself.

Why is it that a Black Man was brilliant enough to do the first open heart

surgery (Dr. Daniel Hale Williams)

And show the world how to get and preserve plasma (Dr. Charles Drew)?

But not good enough to put a program in place where everyone can afford this


Why is it that a Black Man was creative enough to design an instrument

(traffic light – Garrett Morgan)

To bring multiple people (traffic) to a halt?

But not seen creative enough to design a plan to bring all this unnecessary

and worthless

Fighting between countries to an end.

Why is it that a Black Man could create the soles (shoes – Jan Matzeliger)

that people
walk on everyday?
But not seen good enough to fill the shoes of a bad president.

Why is it that a Black Man was smart enough & brave enough to teach himself

(Fredrick Douglas &
Thomas Fuller – both slaves) and others how to read, write
and/or calculate math?

But not seen (as) smart enough and bold enough to calculate a platform to be

President to a country
that sure needs another first by us.
So you see my Brothers and Sisters what I am saying is let us not forget our


Which led us to our present and can definitely be the backbone to our


We were good enough, smart enough, creative enough, and bold enough then, so

Lets all give Obama the chance to show that we are still these things and


By Millie Omaya

Butdoisay comment> Why is it that a blackman discovered the traffic lights, but they do not respect them, they drive even while its on RED,which means stop.In case you did not know, the traffic lights were discovered by Garett Morgan a black man who also discovered the gas mask.Millions of lives are saved by the use of this black inventor Garrett Morgans safety devices….butdoisay….


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Because moe often than not the black man does not know how to respect the rule of law….

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