Amazing African True Stories…

Posted on May 11, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Dear readers, I just came back from Africa as you may have read earlier, while I was there I met some of my old friends that are still alive, its hard to meet most of them because they have gone on with their lives or maybe passed. Those that I met had stories that I may have missed while in diaspora, and I am going to share them with you, some are sad stories and some are just amazing….

SAD STORY: Some friends that we grew up together, became gangsters, since it was tough for them to survive, and to earn money, they chose to be criminals instead. I remember sometime back, when I visited Africa, I met one of the parents and he asked me if I could help óne of his sons to travel to Europe, he knew his son was a crook, who would rob with a gun  to get anything. Unfortunately, I could not do much to help him, so this time, when I visited AFRICA, i met the same parent again, and I asked him how his son was, he said he was fine, blushing.

As he went his way, my brother told me the story about the son, they were in a group of 4 men , 2 brothers belonging to this parent. It was the end of the month, the best day to rob anyone since everyone had at least a salary that had been either earned the hard way or the easiest way…..

These 4 crooks had a plan, and their plan was to rob a quarry employees salary, this is (a type of open-pit mine from which rock or minerals are extracted. Quarries are generally used for extracting building materials), the employess here work heavily, to earn almost nothing, but since you can find up to 100 workers on a quarry, this would be a good catch for these crooks. They first went and stole a get away car and proceeded to the quarry for their catch, they had calculated the salary time, and as the quarry employess happily gathered for their salaries, with alot of JOLLY SCREAMS, their happiness was cut short by the 4 gun trotting gangsters, who demanded their whole salary to be given to them, before it was distributed to any one employee. Their demands were met and they got the money, but as they were driving away in a hurry to get a way from the quarry, they ended up in a ditch at the quarry and so they could not drive away.

The quarry employees got their lifetime opportunity, to remove their stress and hard working frustrations, they stoned the 4 gangsters to death  2 inside the get away car and 2 while they were trying to run away from the scene.

The quarry employees still got their hard earned salaries that was almost vanishing from their naked eyes, so this parent lost his 2 sons, one of  which I was supposed to help abroad….butdoisay……more AMAZING true stories coming soon…

Clay Onyango.





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