Butdoisay Wins A Formular 1 Car- Where Is Joginder Singh Or Shekhar Mehta?

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Where is Joginder singh and  Shekhar Mehtar to try this formular 1 car that I won on a competition? For those who do not know the mentioned names, these were some of the Kenyans that were competing in the famous Kenya safari rally.

So you think of Africa and you picture Lions, Zebras, and Elephants, vast Savannas and dusty Land Rover roads. You imagine searing sunshine, shield and spear wielding tribesmen, and burnt red earth. So what would make this the home of arguably the toughest rally in the world?

The East African Safari Rally is considered one of the most, if not the most, grueling auto race in the world. It was, and still is to some extent, the testing ground for reliability in production cars. Up to 90 percent of the cars entered in the race never finish.

The course itself has varied from year to year, averaging from 3100 to or 4000 miles in length, originally travelling though Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Since 1974, the rally has stayed within the borders of Kenya due to political unrest in the other countries. Nairobi is traditionally the start and finish point for the rally, as well as often being the midpoint where the rally’s big loop stages meet.So what makes this race so tough?

First there’s the hazards of wildlife and farm animals on the course. Then there’s the earth of Africa itself, which comes in every size and type, from a fine dust that clogs cars and blinds drivers in its huge clouds, to bowling ball sized boulders that punish both drivers and suspension components in equal measure. African roads are not for the squeamish.
The race is held on the Easter long weekend which falls somewhere between the end of March and the middle of April. This also generally coincides with the beginning of the rainy season. When I say rain, I don’t mean your average April shower, we’re talking about river-swelling, road flooding, mud sliding Rain with a capital R. Rain and red African earth combine to form Mud. This is no mud puddle mud, this is a slicker than ice gumbo that sinks cars like quicksand in bad weather, and dries hard like stucco in the sun. You might as well put axle grease on your tires. Rain and mud have not only claimed the vast majority of cars lost in the Safari rally, but the lives of a few drivers and spectators as well. Rain is the wildcard in the Safari.

And you can’t really prepare for it. Some years the course is dry allowing lots of teams to finish. Other years the course has been so badly flooded that stages have to be re-routed or cancelled outright and teams have slogged for hours over a section that should have taken minutes. Rallys are run on time, and if you fall too far behind, you’re out of the race.

But unless Pnu and Odm repair our roads, I wont let any one of the mentioned drivers to try my car out in Kenya. And for the Norsborg after party joy riders,sorry I have no space for you this time……chukueni tunnel bana….butdoisay…
Ps.Norsborg is a location in Sweden where Kenyans hold parties…tunnel bana is a metro, underground trains..

Clay Onyango



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5 Responses to “Butdoisay Wins A Formular 1 Car- Where Is Joginder Singh Or Shekhar Mehta?”

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Shekhar Mehtar passed on. You dula…hehe

Clay i don’t think fools day is every month, you are late by a month and six days.

Unajua mbuyu wa mine used to compete together with his bros in the 70s? I miss those days when we would drive miles and miles to go watch safo..it was an event not to miss..but just like everything else in Kenya it went to the dogs!

I understand Shekhar mehta passed…..so where is PETER MUKUNDI to take over this car and try it out.Peter Mukundi is known to be one of those few Kenyans that dared to risk his life in competing in this safari rally….Did he ever win? or did he come number one from behind??? It does not matter Mukundi, KUDOS…your name is placed somewhere in the Kenyan history….butdoisay…

Ati that you won?? wacha wewe….

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