Butdoisay Visits A Diasporan Parent In Kenya And Got Shocked…

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Mothers SOFFA in Kenya

The diasporan home in Diaspora

My dear readers, you might think that am adding alot of salt on my articles while frying them, but thats not the case, I always try to use ingredients that wont scare my readers away. The ingredients am using for these articles in Kenya were abit expensive but they are paying.

The story am about to tell is a story that is affecting most of the diasporans, some of the diasporans forget where they came from and do not look back, they have reached their destiny…….WAMEFIKA…

While in Kenya, I concidentaly walked past a diasporans home, and I decided to go in and say hi to the mother who was at home alone by then. As  I entered the home, the single mother was at home alone in the living room. She has become very sick and so she spends most of the time at home alone, doing nothing.

I sat down, and of course she asked about the diaspora life and her children in diaspora whom I had met some months before I left, I became so observant, and frankly speaking, this mother lives like a dog in a cage, unlike the children who live in diaspora good, you look at the soffas, and if you clap at them, you will start coughing blood immediately. They were all torn apart, you could see holes all over, you could not rest your elbows on the part of the soffa  where you rest your arm, it was all hollow.

I looked on the floor and it was all dirty ,full of tiny old particles, I wonder if she has a broom at home.

I was even afraid of taking a picture, coz she would wonder what I was after. When I left, the only thing I could do was to spit several times. Surely the mansionet is in a good condition, it was obtained  by the late husband, they do not live in a tharched house, and why cant her children in diaspora take care of their mother? Are soffas in Kenya really expensive to afford? Is a housemaid too expensive to employ while you live in diaspora? Is your mum worthless to take care of ? If you are one of these diasporans, who are this irresponsible, you are just a fool that has been brain washed by the diasporan society and you need to wake up and think very fast. If  you happen to pass right now,before your parents, there would be no one else to cry for your dead body but your parents back home…..take care of your parents back home… this will add more blessings to you….butdoisay…

Clay Onyango.


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