Butdoisay Meets Tony Kibaki In Kenya…

Posted on April 23, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Am still excited to talk about my trip to Kenya, and I still would like to share with you some of my exciting moments on the ground in our beloved country Kenya. For those who have not been in Kenya for a long time, try to make it a habbit to visit Kenya at least once in 2 years if possible. I know its expensive, but its expensive also to drink beers and smoke cigarettes, if you calculate the amount of money you spend on the ciggs and alcohol per month, its enough to buy you a ticket to travel. So put that excuse aside….

Well, on my second day in Kenya, a friend of mine called me and asked me to join them for a drink in a club in westlands, in Nairobi Kenya. I did not hesitate and so i took off in a cab to join him not knowing who his associates would be. As I arrived, I was ushered to a table full of young Kenyan men who seemed to be having a good time. What followed was just a normal introduction, this is Clay guys, Clay meet Tony, Nazar,karani, Karima and so on. He reffered  them by their first name so I wouldnt know who was who.

Someone ordered a drink for the whole table, and I decided to order for a coke but they were all like no..no…take something strong. I then ordered myself JAMESON WHISKY on the rocks. As we continued chating and joking, my brother came in and joined me on the table, and as a local celebrity due to the movies, everyone seemed to know him. He then asked me if I knew who Tony was….”No I dont know”….He then said that is President Kibakis son….Tony Kibaki…..and this is ….and this is….all prominent names. I also met Nazar, Tonys friend who owns a casino in westlands…

It was all laughs and jokes, while we sipped our  drinks, I got a bit tipsy and on the process I nick named NAZAR, who is an INDIAN origin as PATNI…and then he calls Toni…Toni…Toni…Clay is calling me Patni…and it was all laughs as he reffered to me as Idi Amin…but you guys know Idi Amin was not this handsome….

What I can say about Tony is, he is more like his dad the President, QUIET and  observant…such a kind person with such a sense of humour, you would  not know if he was raised with a silver spoon…he is down to earth and we could chat and joke as if we knew each other for ages…and the good thing is we exchanged our contacts….and I wouldnt mind to meet him some day….”GOD WILLINGLY”. At least the son of  Onyango met the son of the President ….Tony Kibaki….butdoisay…still frying more stories…

Clay Onyango.


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3 Responses to “Butdoisay Meets Tony Kibaki In Kenya…”

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wee wacha.. stop bragging………. kwani u have never mentioned meeting me… the daughter of mumbi??

Clayi kumbe uko tao..Je si unitumeao salamu kwa marafiki waKo pwana…? Unarudi lini Stoki unilteao ujumbe?

But do you say!

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