Butdoisay In A “Cock-Pit” On His Way To Kenya..

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My dear readers, am glad to be back from home to home, I have been away for 10 days, for both business and leisure. Let me assure you once again that Kenya is a wonderful country despite some little issues that we are gradually overcoming.

I left last week on the 11 April, at around 2000 hrs, departed by Kenya Airways via Amsterdam, I almost missed the flight, I arrived 40 minutes before departure, but fortunately I made it.

As I boarded the plane from Amsterdam, the captain introduced himself with the crew on board and I recognised one of the pilots name that was introduced, he seemed to be a very close friend of mine whom I have known since he was 12 years and at the age of about 26 years  was already a pilot, I remember he was in dispora studying piloting and returned back home…

I also recognised the voice, and I never hesitated to pick up the `vomiting` paper to write a note to the pilot, to let him know that Clay was on board….

The note read like this, “Attention Immanu, I feel like vomiting here in economy class” so?? so??? I signed my name, Clay, and passed it over to the airhostess to deliver it to the pilot, Immanu…

As we had just taken off, it took a while before I got any response, but I knew he was in charge of all the 300 passengers on board and so he had to make sure everything was fine before he would respond.

I waited and waited and waited, and then suddenly, one of the hostesses came to me and asked, are you clay?? Yes, I responded. She was like …please follow me. I stood up, followed her as she ushered me to the COCKPIT, you know nowadays you cant just walk straight to the cockpit like before, due to security reasons, the doors are locked and they have to be opened by a code. So she called first to be authorised to let me in, and the cockpit door was opened….

As I came in, there he was, Immanu my friend, the pilot…he was so excited to see me, likewise…I wished I could hug him but I remembered, I would touch one of the gadgets in the cockpit and we would be history….

I skipped the hugging part and sat on one of the extra seats in the cockpit, while chatting to Immanu..stayed in the cockpit for some hours, asking questions about all those gadgets….

Before I left to my economy class, I was upgraded to business class, where I spent my night…..

As I was asleep comfortably in my business class bed, I asked myself, what if I suffered from EPILEPSY, while I was in the cockpit, what would have happened???  That was just an imagination, that I do not want to think about…..we landed safely in Nairobi, and I was glad to have met a friend who at a very young age has struggled to achieve a proffession that many people dream of, Congrats Buddy….butdoisay…

Clay Onyango. 

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7 Responses to “Butdoisay In A “Cock-Pit” On His Way To Kenya..”

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so how old is Immanu now? married? kids?? ama i should stop dreaming….hehe

hej… nyams.. i have a ‘cockpit’ too.. would you like to know if am married or with kids! Hautakuwa disapointed bora your not flygrädd!

LMAO…..Kadinya ni chizi!

Ebony…I think Kadinya meant he had a “cock and Nyams a Pit”..when they are assembled they become a…A “COCKPIT”…just trying to be nasty abit…kuna ubaya? and am asking….

Kadinya… just like the name suggests.. stop thinking with that “head”. and NO i do not want to know if ur are married or with kids. HA!

na wewe clay wacha tabia mbaya.

hahahaha Clay you dint have to tendereza hayo maneno…

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