“Maze Wakenya Wanabonda Raha”….”Tuzubae Tu Hapa Na Chuki”….Ati Diaspora!!!

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 Traditional food. Brew. Dialects and dance. That was the Simba Salon, Carnivore, last Friday. In an entertainment night planned to unite communities and cultures torn apart by the December acrimonious General Election, political differences were shown the door.

Under the theme ‘One Nation, One People,’ the show organised by vernacular FM stations – among them Inooro, Ramogi, Mulembe, Musyi and Radio Citizen – brought peals of laughter, bundles of love and merrymaking.

Revellers, from all walks of life, had a marvellous time, sampling osuga, aliya, chinsaga, nyoyo, mukimo, mursik, aruda and other traditional foods, Kenya’s rich cultural heritage.

When it was time to drown the food, drinks produced by the fermentation method took the crowd to cloud nine. Karobo and muratina went down aplenty.

Trouble is, if you had not got used to them, you could not tell when enough was enough and stop. That is why the whisky and the ‘normal’ beer lovers soon realised why their potency is a closely guarded secret.

“I’ve just discovered the Mt Kenya people brew a beer out of this earth. Their muratina is fine,” said Anthony Nyongesa, downing his third glass.

Like everyone, he was soon crackling, twirling and wiggling to the beat.

Kasambeli Wafila from Kakamega was first on stage, followed by Martin Mulwa’s Kilunja Band, whose titillating Kamba beats lifted the dancing mass into a unit of rhythmic souls – only the heavily inebriated remained seated, watching helplessly, their bodies willingly made weak by the spirit. As expectant men broke their bones, delicate and fleshy hips gyrated in tune with the fever.

When Tony Nyadundo – the king of ohangla – made his entrance, everyone was caught offguard. He simply happened. Instead of getting from backstage, he emerged from behind the dancing crowd, like a ghost wafting through the smoke. Once he caught their attention, he indulged the revellers in a lengthy jig before climbing on to the stage. By now, everybody, including those threatened by ‘blackout’ was on their feet.

It is difficult not to be possessed by Nyadundo’s ohangla. The sound of his voice, perfectly complemented by instrumentalists resplendent in traditional outfit, brought Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba, Meru, Luhya and Gusii souls to the floor, willingly detained without trial.

A studious eye, rare at such times, would not have failed to notice that a dancing competition had begun. No prizes though.

give her your voteBut as you would expect, some were bound to stand out, like the girl who between the jigs introduced herself as Jackline. “But they call me Jaber, because I dance as good as I look.” And she did the part. One moment, she was sensuously shaking every shakeable muscle to the beat, and the next she was wiggling her twin assets with a smile on her lips. You had to give her your vote.Matching Jaber step for step was Wanjiru, like in a grand coalition. “This is my happiest day after the hostilities. The music is as good as mugithi. I wonder why we hated each other when we have so much in common. That should not be changed by a mere vote,” said Wanjiru as Jaber nodded in agreement. On stage, Nyadundo was belting tune after tune as insatiable fans (mostly women) jumped onto the stage. Fans demanded one last dance with him. He crowned his show with a ‘peace dance’ and moved from fan to fan, tenderly touching them with a flywhisk.That was when another king – of mugithi this time – made his entry. “Mike Rua tesÉ testÉ testi.É Anyway, the microphone!” Rua, in his element, had the house in stitches. The one-man-guitarist rendered tuned in Kikuyu, Nandi, Maa and other languages – all heavily laced with indirect (and many times direct) words not fit for repeating in a family newspaper. One song condemned a teacher for extending his lessons to the bedroom. Lost in the sweetness of music, a Luo dancer swapped his dancing partner with his newfound Kikuyu pal in an impromptu show of friendship. “You can dance with my nyako and I with your mwari.” The power-sharing deal was complete.

Butdoisay Comment: Why Is the Mood in Stockholm so quiet? What happened to our party organisers? Scared to organise parties? Is this how we should live in diaspora, scared to mingle because so and so will be there, because its a luo, luhya, Kikuyu thing? Shauri zenu….”na mukae hifyo hifyo, na hiyo pia ni…ni maendeleo…..butdoisay!!!

Clay Onyango.

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Need i remind you one more time. MOU already tumesign, 40pers cabinet inakuja, enough with kenya,, hapa hapa, Summer ndio io inakuja, Grill zitolewe,DJ frank,Safi je mko wapi? We want some ngoma. yaani right now inabidi we scrounge for tanzanian parties cause they are the ones who seem to have their shit together. Why i ask? Navenye tumependa mwenjoyo. Clay the first party niyako! Just say where and when, tutakuja!

ps. you burn that fake kadinya who’s been using my trademark to comment.

If we are doomed and relegated to attend tz parties then i agree kenya is a failed state.Frank na Safi mko wapii. Clay will offer security next time hahaha. Show our fellow Africans how it’s going down.

je mko wapi ? orkarinte.se will provide security,Dj Safi and Frank amsheni tools tubanjuke…we want to sign a power sharing deal in Stockholm too…

Now this is soo out of topic lakini I could not hold my self. Imagine a 40 person cabinet.??????????Have you seen the headlines in the standard: “””UN agency warns of looming hunger”” And those ego laden individuals wasnt a 40 man cabinet.Seriously.. come on.. yaani am bila words..:(

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