“Raila Is Busy Asking For An Armoured Car While His People Have Nothing”

Posted on April 3, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |


Hello ,good morning Clay,this is an attempt to mobilise those who are genuinely making overture to be “Kenyan”Everybody who make his move to live in Sweden has in One way or another met problems of race.WE WRITE IN THIS BLOG ,COZ ITS ACCESSIBLE.So are we accessible,many a times folks come and pontifficate nothings.Kenya is burning,when you have Nobel Peace winners and notable Human rights Activists being teargassed ,by  illiterate police,then we stand to be scorned by the people who employ.Where is Kibaki and Raila ,when the so called “cops”were teargasing Wangari Mathai and Maina Kiai at Freedom corner? Raila is busy asking for  armour plated vehicles from next door Germany,when his “people “are without any .Time has come for us  the diasporans to stand up and say ,NO….Am Anthony Odera and will not look and say its fair ,we know ,for all of us Kenya has lost it ,we are playing head games .Lets get real and be what we were AT INDEPENDENCE.Having silly overblown egos in Stockholm ,villifying each other for what one does t make a living will not help build a nation.The numbers in Sweden are so miniscule that it defys to mention on the world stage,out with a small community a movement can be initiated that encompasses all.Lets get real and be a PEOPLE.One nation one people .Thanks Clay for having an open forum.
Tony Odera for butdoisay…


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2 Responses to ““Raila Is Busy Asking For An Armoured Car While His People Have Nothing””

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All kenyan politicians are nonesense,at least now the people will see them for who they are when they sit down and eat(loot) with each other whils’t using us as pawns and bargaining chips.
solution: Well, i don’t have any.

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