April Fools Day…..

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Yesterday was April 01 or April  fools day….so were you one of the fools? Some friends tried to fool me but though I was aware, I almost fell into their trap. Like a friend sent an Sms that said ” imagine am being deported by the cops” “aki nime setiwa”, I sent back an sms,”WACHA” (your not serious) by then, I remembered what day it was, and I decided to play the game. “What happened? ” and “where are you now?” Pretending to be SPIDER MAN…But I guess she thought she got me and sent an sms back that its April fools day, coz she knew I was going to fly where she was like the spiderman does, pick her from the cops and back to diaspora where she loves to reside. I could not imagine her going back to start using charcoal to cook, a stove to boil water, candles to read newspapers and congested matatus (mini buses)to travel.

Another friend tried me out, ” Clay have you seen on Cnn, the military has taken over Kenya”,  I just gave her a simple answer, april fools day…try someone else…

Then my wife calls me from the gym, Clay my bro has just called me that they have found oil in Kenya, is it true? I was like let me see, I checked on CNN online, and there was nothing….then I remembered what day it was again….I sent her an sms, its April fools, but she thought it was true….

Then came my lie, that I would love if it came true….”CLAY WINS 10 MILLION KRONORS”….some friends called to queue for their bit as I had adviced earlier, one even sent the account number since she would not make it to Norsborg. “So how much should I expect?….how much? I was like ok I will deposit 20,000 kr first and then the rest later….she called me very early in the morning around 0700 am to confirm and fortunately, I was listening to Keith Sweats song, “You lied to me”…and instead of me answering….she heard Keith Sweats voice…you lied to me!!!

What a day to remember, I hope there are no more fools that will go to Norsborg to wait for their bit….coz if I its true that I did win, I would help the handicapp, the blind, and the poor in Kenya and not the diasporans…..YOU FOOLS….LOL…butdoisay…

Give us your April fools day story…

Clay Onyango


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